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  • Hi, I am interested in buying a wrap jig. I saw your video and am aware you have the sliding template for sale. If I buy that, what would I do about the jig to actually hold the cue while you cut the leather for the seam? Thanks, love the video!
    Hello I'm wanted to ask you if you had any more leather wrap sliding templates left? I'm interested in buying one.
    Abram Diaz
    hi andrei here. i have watched you videos online and learned a lot from them. thanks for those. but the question i have is about this forum. o have a red bar and most people have a green and tom hay asked my why because i am very new to this i did not piss of any one from my knowledge so i am very confused. you seem like a expert. would you shed some light on it. also on my recent post i could not post pictures because my rating is -220354 or something like that and it needs to be at least 10. i have no idea.
    I am starting to do small repairs for cue shafts and i have 3 that need new ferrules can give me good supplier or two. My email is Thank you very much for any help you can give me.
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