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  • Hi Ted i was looking on ebay.Inthe used cues their is seller his handle is onehole.He has 2 BBC 261/2 house cues. But they different veneer colors in the points .Did not know this.
    I may be a troll but you are a pandering twit. You have your nose so far up Sam Depps` ass that there is no oxygen to your brain. So, I am going to help you out. When a convicted murderer dies they do not morph into "one of the good ones". Sorry if you don`t like my opinion. Also, if you want to eulogize a boxer find a boxing forum to do it in. It is very simple, really. Billiard fourm is for billiard related topics.
    Hank for president. Are you kidding me dude? Do you know how many bottles of water they go through at one of those presidential debates. The entire country will be in a water shortage in a matter of hours.
    Sir i have been trying to identify this cue i have for years. your post has led me to believe i have a Schon. Mine look exactly the same as the one you posed that is the 2nd from the top can you please give me any more information about this cue? I would greatly appreciate it. My email is thank you for your time in advance.
    I appreciate that, and I will take you up on that.
    Big Bob who plays 3-cushion lives about 100-yards from me.
    What I keep wondering is when you are going to pop into Hank's.
    Last time I saw you was at Greenfield's.
    You're username should be Stealth
    Hey Ted -- I'm in Golden too. I've not a nice 8-footer and a home bar. You're welcome to come by and play some. 303 824-7621. Love to see you some time. Paul
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