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    Centennial pool table for sale nine footer

    Picture of the 9 foot Centennial pool table and light that is for sale. $7500 obo. Must sell. You pick up. Text me at 909-996-6366. Southern California area. Near Los Angeles
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    9 foot Centennial pool table for sale

    A Centennial nine footer for sale with custom light. Text me at 909-996-6366 for more info. $7500. You pick up. So California area. Moving soon , need to sell asap. Will send pictures
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    Schmidt video release November

    I totally agree with you. I would love to be at one of those private showings. I'm sure he also must have plans to do something like Mosconi did with his poster. He made one for each ball that he ran. I have number 98 of 526. There is a handsome profit to made with 626 posters. Good luck John.
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    John Schmidt - How high will he go?

    John is a good friend of mine and I'm pulling for him to break the record. Him breaking the record will probably make my poster of Mosconi setting the record worthless. I have number 98 of 526. John, you will owe me one of your posters when you break the record.
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    Sudden death APA Masters

    After watching some of the Masters APA in Vegas a couple of weeks ago a few of us got into a discussion and now I'm looking for more opinions. The Masters is a race to seven with a combination of eight ball and nine ball. Race to seven with the winner of the lag having the choice of either...
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    The Stars Do Play

    Yes this guy can play more than just music.
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    Pool table covers

    Because my table is inside I'm not concerned with moisture, mostly dust and such. I wanted something that I could put on my table for the times that I would be away for a few days. I wanted a cover that would not take too much space when stored away and one that I could easily put on and take...
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    Opinions: Ball Return or NO

    I too have done pretty much what you did to quite down the balls in the ball return and tray. Now when a ball drops one might think it got stuck in the track until you hear it drop into the tray. I have a Centennial and they have tubes cut in half and it's easy to line them with something to...
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    Brunswick Anniversary triangle holder mount?

    This is mine on a Centennial after a few modifications. Completely out of the way.
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    10 ball ring game bar table

    For those in Southern California. Come and join the fun.
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    My pool table project

    I just finished refinishing the rosewood rails on my Centennial table. A previous owner of the table got the brilliant idea of cutting into the beautiful wood rails to insert score keepers. He put in Gold Crown score keepers and not the after market score keepers that were available for this...
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    9 ball, what would you do?

    Don't know if anyone suggested this. This would be my option. No kiss here. Seven ball is long gone before cue ball goes through that area.
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    Ball skid

    I know we've all shot a key ball and had it skid causing us to lose that game. Normally a ball shot with low speed. My question have you ever shot one that skidded and the skid helped you win a game. I don't recall that ever happening to me. Has it to you or have you seen someone win because of...
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    Silly BCA eight ball question

    Talking with my teammates yesterday one of the guys asked this silly question. You just broke the balls playing eight ball with BCA rules. You made all the solids on the break and the eight ball is still on the table. Question is, can you now shoot at the eight since you still haven't...
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    Jay Helfert found this video. After watching this we should never complain about ever missing a shot. This should inspire all of us.