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  • Hi Frank, you don't know me, but I've got a question for you. I've been reminiscing about the old days when I was a gigantic pool fan in the South Bay area in the 60's. You and a dozen or so other players were like rock stars to me at that time, but I was curious as to your rating of a couple of lesser players, if you knew them. One was Dave Bailey, handsome kid with a pretty blond girlfriend who could play also. The other was the guy who ran the pool room at a bowling alley on El Camino in Mt. View. I sweated both of these guy's action and even backed Bailey at Cochrans.
    Have a good one. By the way, I think it's extraordinary that you stuck with one cue, the Shraeger, for such a long time.
    Hello Frank, Carlos has been telling me about your your lessons and time with him. If I may ask do you have any advice for practicing for 9/10 ball big table tournaments? I'm very confident on bar table, but I need something for the big table so many longer shots (I get "flinchy" sometimes). I've been practicing shots that are at least 3-5 diamonds apart on 9 foot table, but I was wondering if there's a better way.
    Thank you Frank. I have followed you from the 60's. You are considered one of the wise men of pool. When you speak it carries weight. Unfortunately guys like Lou try but they only bring negativity. To call Wayne a Lock artist is ridiculous. He is like you a man who loves the game and respects it. I thank you.
    Watched your match with Ernesto at Vegas great watching you two play both of you are the gold standard of Ca pool. If you don't mind the question. Was the table playing fast or slow? A lot of the matches not just yours it seemed like it was tricky table speed.
    Thank you Frank good luck with your practice for upcoming tournaments. Carlos said he enjoyed your talk look forward to seeing you. Do you know/think if there might/should be different cues used for bar tables and 9 foot tables?
    Ran into Joe Landum from 29 Palms (I'm sure I miss-spelled his name) he says hello. I started a new job haven't played much this summer. Hope to meet you someday to say hello.
    It was nice to see you at the Southwest. How did you finish at the Andy Mercer?

    Look forward to seeing you again soon and hopefully shooting some pool with you,

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