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    test pics

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    Prewitt 5 Ring Birdseye Cue

    I picked up this stunning Prewitt 5 ring birdseye cue from a cue collector friend of mine a while back. I am playing less and less pool these days, and I figure that this amazing cue should go to someone that will appreciate it versus just sitting in a case. The cue is used, but I would call...
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    Schuler Shaft for sale

    I have a Schuler shaft that I am selling for a friend. He sold his Schuler cue and later when he moved, he realized he still had a spare shaft that had hardly ever been used. The shaft has the "Schuler Pro" taper with 12.70mm ferrule and weighs 4.01oz...
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    Router cutting ferrules

    I am curious to see whether other cue makers prefer to install ferrules and then make taper cuts (router cuts) after the ferrules are installed? I'm sure there are some cue makers that do this and others that don't, but I would love to hear opinions on the subject. I am also curious... for...
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    Final Shaft taper passes

    I have a question for fellow cue makers regarding final taper passes on your shafts. First of all for equipment I am using a Deluxe Cuesmith with a vertical router and a 6 wing whiteside cutter. I am installing the ferrure onto the shaft at around 13.15mm and I'm trying to make a couple final...
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    FS - Masonh Old School LBM

    I ordered some of the Old School LBM material from Masonh some time ago. In the mean time, I have decided that I really like using the JUMA ferrules and will probably use JUMA all of my cues. With that being said, I would be willing to part with some really good LBM rod for $65 for 3 feet. I...
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    veneer ring billets

    I would like to make some new ring billets with a veneer. Kind of old school type rings, similar to this scruggs. I havent worked with veneers yet, so I am wondering about pressing a black, blue, black veneer and how much extra room to allow for glue and such when I do this. I can buy the...
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    Phenolic color

    I purchased some natural brown phenolic from a very popular supplier and the joint material seems to cut with minimal color change and once it is finsihed it has a very nice color. However the material large enough for butt caps really changes color drastically when cut from 1.38 to 1.25. It...
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    Question about Enduro Finish

    I have built around 10 cues and I have been using a finish method where I apply a seal coat of 20min finish cure epoxy (or 2 coats) I allow this epoxy to cure for at least a couple days. Then I will continue the finish by applying multiple coats of General Finishes Enduro Var, followed by a...
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    Who Has a Thomas 2x4 FS

    Thomas 2x4 I have a Thomas 2x4 in smooth black leather that is used but in good shape. I hadn't really planned on selling it, but I would consider letting it go for $300 plus shipping. I can get you better pics, but for now, I have it pictured beside a cue a built for a friend. dakota
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    Ebony Source

    I am building a few cues in my free time and have received a lot of good advice from forum members in the past. With that said, I have searched online and I can find a few people who offer Ebony, but the prices are all over the board. I am not looking for any huge quantity at this point, I...
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    Old Southbend .. need help to identify?

    I found an add locally where there is an old southbend for sale about an hour away from me. The owner really doesn't know much at all about the machine and couldn't find a model number or anything. He thinks the distance between centers is about 60" and he thinks the through hole is 1.25". If...
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    Router Cutting Bits and Techniques

    I have a Cuesmith Deluxe and I use the Porter Cable Laminate trimmer router. I have a newer deluxe with the variable speed motor control and the power feed and I run the lathe and the power feed at a pretty slow speed. I was just making some of the final cuts on some shafts and ended up barber...
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    Shaft supplier...

    I am new to cue building and I followed some information from Eric at Sugartree and bought enough equipment and materials to build about 8-10 cues. Now that I am getting close to finishing some of these cues, I absolutely love the time I am spending building cues and on the entire process...
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    Brush On Finish Water Based or Epoxy

    I did a search and there are so many different threads and conflicting opions, on finish that I thought I would ask for help. I am a new cue maker just getting ready to finish up my first couple sneakies to test out my tapers and to test out some basic finish. I would like to eventually be...