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    XLR8 CF shafts. Anybody play one yet?

    Can we get an update, please?
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    XLR8 CF shafts. Anybody play one yet?

    Could we have an update, please?
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    Tell us about your "cue journey"

    I started playing about 4 years ago and fell in love with the game. I tried or owned Players, McDermott, Lucasi, Joss, and Meucci. I experimented with linen, leather, and no-wrap cues. I finally figured I preferred no-wrap cues, and when I played my first Pechauer Pro series I found what I'd...
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    Do cue tips go bad over time?

    What an inane, unhelpful remark. If you can't be useful and have nothing positive to say, please refrain from commenting.
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    Why buy a custom cue over a national brand?

    Companies that make "production cues" can also make unique, one-of-a-kind cues. QC can also be as good or better than any custom cue maker can equal. Pechauer, for example, bought their own timberland, chooses their own trees, processes them in their own sawmill, cures them in their own kilns...
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    Southwest type cue

    This statement is of course true, but completely irrelevant. Anyone can play with anything they want, and it seems this comment criticizes the player who has very specific tastes or wishes to spend their hard earned money on a special or beautiful cue. Someone can have a $5000 cue and still suck...
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    The ULTIMATE F#¢* You?

    Unless you have a negative history with the person you just beat, or he's a complete a-hole, why would you ever want to do that? Even then, I try to be above that kind of petty childishness. Show some class and some sportsmanship. Say "good game" and move on.
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    Kieth Josey Custom Cues

    I recently ordered a Josey Merry Widow as well, bocote and wrapless. I'll have it in, hopefully, 8 months or so. I've never played with a Josey but have heard so many good things about him and his work that I thought I'd finally get a custom made cue, and his prices are very reasonable. He...
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    Crazy amount of practice

    People like you who make unnecessary and needlessly negative comments are the ones who ruin threads. Try to be tolerant of other opinions.
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    You are all missing the boat!! Ned Morris cues are the best playing cues I've (and my buddies) played with!

    I just ordered a Keith Josey merry widow. I've never heard anyone say a bad word about him or his work. Looking forward to getting mine in about 9 months.
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    Kamikaze ELITE Layered Cue Tips

    I just ordered a Keith Josey custom cue and wanted a medium tip on it. They recommended a Kamikaze and said it's what Keith uses on his. I'll know how it plays in about 9 months.
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    what's the best cue you ever hit with, and why?

    True, but irrelevant to the question asked.
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    what's the best cue you ever hit with, and why?

    I love my Pechauer but finally decided to try a custom made cue and I've never heard about thing about Keith Josey, so I ordered a merry widow from him, will be waiting about 8 months. I gave him a butt diameter I like and a weight, but other than that I look forward to playing with it. Even if...
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    what's the best cue you ever hit with, and why?

    Once again all the negative and completely unnecessary comments from people who seem to lead unhappy lives, have over-blown opinions about their own importance, and feel the need to make themselves feel big by belittling someone else. Of course this is a completely subjective question and the OP...
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    APA League MVP

    Who in the world buys any kind of trophy that someone else won?