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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    When they live away from the coast they will, at the people who like to live by the ocean.
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    Ball cleaner project

    That makes my buffer in the bucket look very, very bad. Nice work.
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    Cut a house cue

    Dang, got asked to cut a house cue, had a ring middle way. I told the owner it likely had a bolt there, it did. I cut it fine. I drilled it and bored it, almost done and boring bar sent last 1/16 threw the side of the butt. What did I do wrong? I ran a 1/4 end mill, then the boring bar.
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    Motor Controller

    My motor controller died on my mid america lathe. I bought another resistor and replaced the bad one and it burnt back out again. I talked to Todd and he told me what a new one costs. My question, my old one did last 9 years, but is there something better I should buy or just get another like I had?
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    Sneaky Shaft too white

    Guys help me out, I have a shaft nearly finished on an old conversion sneaky, one I took the finish off of and am ready to apply finish to the shaft and the butt. The problem I am seeing is the shaft is way too white for it to look good to me. Is there a way to yellow the maple shaft some, maybe...
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    Joe Barringer DVD's

    All 10, SOLD shipped, first post gets first chance, I'll PM you. I forgot to mention, I would be willing to trade for some equipment.
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    Cue Building Disc

    30 bucks shipped, first post gets it, I'll PM you if you are first.
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    Question for fellow repair people

    I had the same error when I clicked the name, seems you have to click the arrow to the far right.
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    Bye Bye Scroll Chuck

    I think I will like this much better than the scroll chuck.
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    Atlas TH-54 Halfnut assembly

    I have the half nut assembly from an atlas th54 I would like to sell. I has the ball, spring, both half nuts, and handle. I think these are the part numbers : 9-13,10D-38,10-29,9-61,9-210 & 9-62 x 2. I would like SOLD if anyone can use it but am up for best offer.
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    3/4" gundrill F/S

    I told a couple people I would post pics of how I made a couple of these bits work for my taig. I cut pieces off an old brass punch, that's why it looks a little rough. I made these pieces on my large bore headstock. With the threaded air fitting I don't have to worry about epoxy.
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    Christmas presents

    Presents for niece and nephew. I am not good a taking pictures, the coco really had a lot of figure. oh well.
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    Tired of Masking

    I got tired of trying to mask the bottom of the shaft and the top of the butt when shooting auto clear so I made these little delrin spacers on the last 5 that I cleared and they worked great. Just wondering if anyone else does anything like this?
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    A few almost ready for finish

    Finally got these finished.