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    Meucci Original Pill Bumpers

    I sure do, sent you a PM.
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    Early 80’s Busch Pool League Meucci

    Here’s one I’ve never seen and it might be a one off. It’s similar to the 80-3 and has a bit of the 80-7 mixed in but doesn’t match either. Obviously made for the Busch Pool League which eventually became the APA. I’m putting a date of around 1980 on it due to the matching Meucci tough love...
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    LED lights...... check this out!

    Before you go any further I am not trying to sell anything. This is only to maybe help someone find a more cost efficient way to light their table up. I have an old style light that just took 3 bulbs and did a fair at best job. Shadows were bad and so on. Anyway, I stumbled upon these “UFO”...
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    Looking to trade Bob Owen Bushka

    I’ll let the photos talk for the most part. Beautiful Bob Own Bushka tribute cue. New, Never chalked, flawless. 2 shafts 13mm, everything straight together and apart. Would like to trade for a Joss West. If interested, show me what you have. If new, or slightly newer member with little to know...
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    It’s George 2x4

    ****SOLD****Here is a nice It’s George 2x4 case with a long pocket, shoulder strap and pad. Burgundy in color and some chalk dust inside the case. Other than that it’s a very nice case. Looking for SOLD shipped in the USA. I cover shipping and PayPal fees.
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    *****SOLD***** Older Mottey 4 point player. Cue is in original condition and needs a refinish. Both shafts are relatively straight. Ivory ferrules, 12.67 and 12.72 diameters. Cue weighs right around 19.2 with either shaft. Priced to move due to needing a refinish. I pay for Priority shipping...
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    Szam inspired Mottey

    Recent pick up of a Szam inspired Mottey. Could use a refinish but is a solid classic design. Yes its for sale.
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    It’s George Cue

    *****SOLD*****It’s George Plain Jane with 3 shafts. This cue is all original and pretty well flawless. No dings, dents, scuffs, or scratches. It has 3 shafts although I only believe 2 to be original. I am essentially selling the cue with 2 shafts and throwing the third shaft in as a freebie. The...
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    Dave Bollman Player

    ***** SOLD*****Dave Bollman simple 4 point players cue. This cue has been played. Has some finish chipping around the buttcap and joint areas. The shaft is original just has a new OB type ferrule installed. Leather wrap, 3/8-10 pin. Straight together and apart. Nothing gaudy to look at but it...
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    Jacoby Wrapless very pretty

    ***** SOLD*****Jacoby wrapless cue, this cue is primarily Ebony and Bocote, MOP dots, and MOP notched diamond inlays make this cue one of the prettiest Jacobys I’ve ever seen. Cue is a 1 of 1. Comes with 2 shafts, one Jacoby edge hybrid shaft with a SIB soft tip. The second is a standard Jacoby...
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    Joss West

    Looking for a JW player. Simple plain jane or 4 point. Steel joint, ivory ferrules, shafts over me what you got via PM.
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    JB Mason Case

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    Mezz PB2

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    Predator QR Extension with bumper

    Looking for the predator QR extension with bumper.
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    It’s George 1x2