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    Aramith Super Pro-Cup Deluxe Ball Set - SOLD

    Aramith Super Pro-Cup Deluxe Ball Set NEW in box - Unused. Standard Size: 2.25" in Diameter Pool/Billiard Balls Includes: Red Dot (TV) Cue Ball, 1-15 Traditional Balls, Jim Rempe Training Ball, Aramith 8.4 fl oz. Ball Cleaner and Aramith Micro-fiber Cloth This deluxe "value pack" set is...
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    Joe Porper Rack - Unique! - No Longer Available

    Joe Porper Rack - Unique! Innovative rack from Joe Porper . . . lucite piece actually suspends when placed on balls; press down on it while lifting the wooden portion of the rack. Taa-Daa! A perfect tight rack. Includes leather storage case. This item is no longer made. It's rare and in...
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    Instroke Tooled Leather 2 x 4 Case w/FREE Travel Bag - No Longer Available

    Instroke Tooled Leather 2 x 4 Case w/FREE Travel Bag Nice Instroke Case; beautiful tooled leather - two tone brown. Condition is 9 out of 10. Purchaser will receive free padded travel bag (shown in pic) along with purchase of the case. List Date: 5/11/2015 For more info, click here to view...
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    McDermott Shafts 3/8-10 Pin - No Longer Available

    McDermott Shafts 3/8-10 Pin Two McDermott Shafts - Great Shape. Get yourself back-up shafts for cheap! Tip Shaft One = 12.75 mm Tip Shaft Two = 12.85 mm Both have Tiger Sniper tips. Price is for EACH shaft; Buy both and it's $75 + $10 Shipping. List Date: 5/11/2015 For more info, click...
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    Gulyassey Sledgehammer Break Cue - SOLD

    Gulyassey Sledgehammer Break Cue Combination Break and Jump Cue (3 piece) Excellent Condition Shaft = 3.8 oz. Butt = 15.7 oz. Solid! List Date: 5/11/2015 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Gulyassey Sledgehammer Break Cue -------------------------------------- SOLD...
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    McDermott G707 Cue - i2 Shaft - No Longer Available

    McDermott G707 Cue - i2 Shaft Features: * Birdseye Maple forearm/sleeve * Cocobolo/brass rings * i-2 shaft * McDermott Quick Release joint * 4 Intricate Cocobolo/black urethane/brass points * 4 Sets of Cocobolo/black urethane/brass sleeve inlays * Lizard-embossed Italian leather wrap Weight...
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    Unique Old School McDermott w/Tiger Ultra Shaft

    Classic looking cue . . . these were made from old parts left by Jim McDermott when he sold the factory. Bill at Cornerstone Cues found the materials and had them made up in 2004. The story behind them is in the following thread...
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    Fancy Joss w/2 shafts + Bonus $300

    Classic looking 2005 Joss . . . maple butt (14.8 oz.) four points with mother of pearl inlays, and freshly pressed wrap. 5/16-14 thread. Nice flame in the maple. Two original Joss shafts (13.0 mm / 4.2 oz. and 12.95 mm / 4.05 oz.); both have new Sniper tips. All pieces roll straight & true...
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    2 Sneaky Butts w/Original Tiger LD Shaft

    Cheap starter package . . . Rage branded maple butt (15 oz.) and locally made Purpleheart / maple (15.1 oz) wrapless butts; 5/16-18 thread. Tiger shaft (4.1 oz.), 12.75 mm with new Sniper tip. All roll straight & true; minimal wear, 9 out of 10 condition on all three pieces. $135 shipped in...
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    WTB Blue Diamond

    I'd like to get 4 - 6 boxes . . . PM me a price and we'll go from there. Thanks All.
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    Looking for Simonis

    Need enough 760 or 860 to cover an 8 1/2 foot Brunswick oversize table and rails in tournament blue or green. Thanks.
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    WTB Alex Brick Break or Jump/Break

    Looking for a dymondwood Alex Break or J-break combo cue . . . color's not that important. Thanks.
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    Looking for mechanic - Huntsville AL

    90 miles from either Nashville TN or Birmingham AL just off I-65. Set, cover and re-level a 1960 Brunswick Sport King. All new Simonis 860. Please send me a message or call my cell at 256-348-0900. Thank you. Alan (DeepBanks)
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    WTB . . . Jump Cue

    Looking for a Bunjee, Lomax, etc. Tell me what you got . . . new or used (good to excellent condition) is AOK. Thanks.
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    Recommended Jumper . . .

    I've got a jump/break cue (Gulyassy) . . . but not really that impressed with how I can jump with it. I just had a Super Pro tip put on to make it BCA legal. If I wanted to buy a dedicated jumper, what would you guys recommend?