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    Wtb pie shape shaft dowel

    Looking for a partial/unfinished pie shape shaft blank. Or a 8 spice dowel Reply to
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    Rear chuck on midamerica pro large bore?

    I think you might be able to have a machine shop thread the inside of the back and screw a set of jaws in the back. I have looked at mine, It will be a close fit, but i think it might work.
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    Where is npr

    Been a while since i logged in is npr gone ?
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    Hightower cable porter router

    Has anyone found a place for collets, or any other collets that will work on the 7301 cable porter router hightower supplys with his lathes? All google searches tells me part has been discontinued. Chuck starkey
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    Wtb copper radial pin

    I need a radial copper pin for customer request. Cuefits is out. Thank you Chuck starkey
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    Finish not dry

    In the last 25 years I have on 3 separate times not mixed my finish correct , maybe wrong mixture or not enough mixing. I do weight the amounts to try to get them exact. This last time the finish did not dry for 4 days and I had to try to remove that sticky, gooey, half dry epoxy and let me...
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    Pin tbreads

    The radial pins I have seen are either 3 8 by 8 or 3 8 by 7.75. When or what was the earliest 8 thread per inch pin you remember seeing?
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    Suitecase or box style case

    Something like the older heubler cases, would like at least 1 by 2, more o.k.
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    Laminated milk duds

    I am using boar skin laminated tips to make milk duds. They seem to play great. Any drawbacks or things I should do or dont do ? I'm sure its been done before, any one know long term results ?
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    " CHUCK'S " tips

    I now have 10 layer pigskin tips for sale. At this time I only have tips that test from 60 to 70 on a durometer. That would be from a soft to a medium soft. Each tip will be tested and the exact hardness on it. 1 tip $15 3 tips $36 5 tips $50 USPS first class shipping included PayPal...
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    You heard it here first

    your carbon fiber shafts may soon be obsolete. Next hottest thing GRAPHENE
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    Rosewood acrylic

    All rosewood with clear acrylic
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    Tip hardness tester

    With all the tips out there, I would like to buy machine for testing hardness. Like anything else there are hardness testers from $19.95 to $7k. My budget is a bit less than the 7k. Are there any affordable testers that work on cue tips? Thank you Chuck
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    Reverse butterfly carbon fiber shaft

    18.3 oz reverse blue white butterfly, Willie blade blank. Chuck starkey carbon fiber shaft. For more photos Email Having problems loading photos $750.
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    As a standard

    I know it's up to each builder, and I know what's the best this or that, but is there a standard distance from the joint, where a cue is cut to put a.joint in the butt for a jump break?