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  • i wanted a willie hoppe for a long time. got one and had some work done on it. new wrap, joint, joint screw, butt cap, bumper. i thought about getting it cut down but: it is such a fine break cue i am keeping it as is. for my stroke it is the best break cue i've had as far as power to the rack. not sure of the weight.
    Yes it's holding up very good, haven't been able to play as much this last week but hopefully will be able to put it through it's paces this week.
    I sent you a message about doing a conversion on your web page. I don't think you got it though?
    Hi, Talked to Brent Hartman. He said you may have some Buck horn for sale. I need a few pieces of joint size for a Hagan.

    Thanks, Steve Dunkel
    i have had a number of snakewood cues for sale. the only one i have left is a one piece butt with natural color rings and moose antler at hoppe style butcapp and moose at joint. there are no cracks in this cue.
    Hi Chuck, Does your snakewood cue have any small cracks or checking in it or is it perfect?
    the only thing we didn't talk about was a tip. I have been using milkduds. if you don't have any, a lepro or a triangle, or what ever you suggest.
    what do you want to trade ? i build cues and have about 40 ready to ship, so i really don't need another cue.
    Hi chuck. Would you be willing to trade cues for one of you cues? I want one of your cues so bad but I can't get rid of the ones I have to get the money to buy one. I wanted to purchase a merry widow with a snake skin wrap under the finish from you before but didn't have enough.
    bill, i buy the cues you describe 100 at a time from a table restorer. its kinda like buying a used car, some are great, some are junk. example a guy sent me a titlist that was a piece of crap. he wanted to see if i could maybe restore it. i was really suprised, after the first recut, i had the most beautiful curly purpleheart under all that old varnish and dirt. it turned out great. same with the cues you describe it really depends on what wood is under the finish. i can convert them to 2 piece cues and i love the way they hit. but with a lot of restored items, most of the worth is in the labor. don't let the go if you don't want them i can reuse the wood. take care chuck
    Evening-I have a couple of questions about some old cues I saw today-they came out of a guys grandfathers house where they had a tablesince the 50s-they are tru balance cues, and also some butterfly one piece cues-none of these have any ferrules-just the nipples that they go on-are they worth anything?I was thinking of getting them and just hanging them on my wall because they are old-I remembered you talking about using old brunswick cues and making new ones , so I thought I would ask-thanks for your time-Bill
    give me a couple days to look and see what kind of woods i have that will look good with the snake skin. send me an email address and i will send photos of what woods i have avaliable at this time. i will send photos early next week
    i got it! some well figured tulipwood! that would go well with that snake wrap or even with that other wrap under the finish. you know, that lether wrap that you put on that recent king wood cue. what do you think? sorry, but i get excited over cues.
    what kind of wood do you have? and i will probably have it paid off in less than ten months. would you recommend spalted tamarind? thats some beautiful wood. what do you think would match up well with a snake skin wrap? i know you have great taste. ive always liked the very figured wood.
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