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  • There was also a "manufactured" team from our area that was supposed to win, but took 3rd by losing to the team we knocked to the losers side. The funny thing is that of those 5, two of our guys wouldn't even think about playing any of them for $. And 2 of their guys, you'd be hard pressed to find 1 of our guys that would play them for $. Again, twice as sweet since they didn't even get the chance to play us!!
    Thanks. We were the epitome of how a "team" could beat the "world beaters". We were all real good players and friends that all get along, playing against the "manufactured" team that was supposed to win. So to me, that makes it twice as sweet.
    Cool. I used to love WAMO toys when I was young. This looks like the ultimate adult toy (sounded bad). Congratulations !
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