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  • Hey its for the ignite, i have no idea why i cant send messages pm. Anyway im at the rio so reach me at +14388869227 or email at thx Keith
    was that 90 dollars for two shafts , or 90 dollars each........Interested .........724 914 5795 please let me know thanx vince
    who is your pick for the open if I might ask. I'm going with shane. Are there any distinguishable marks on your bhq,that would allow me to pick out his cue from others. Butt cap? joint type,favorite woods??
    I sent a shaft to get made by sheldon lebow-wow-he copyied a szamboti shaft of mine,now I sent a vm-1 that efren 's taper is on. to be copied to. the wood is 1,000 yrs old,very pretty and sings as you play. just sharing- whats new anything- man cue caps is so busy. mark How are ya playing?,been fishing ,surfing. friends mark
    I bought a Judd yesterday- Efren's cue from 2001. a friend has had it since then. The cue hits so straight is solid. I am hoping I will become efren when playing- the owner has told me stories of running racks and then when he was done playing he felt diff. more like himself. He also pd 400.then for lesson from efren on how to play,I learned 1 of these shots. thanks mark wish I was there it was -40 here on and off. mark
    good morning. I would put Shanes Picture on the fast Eddie Felson Shirt-pict. from 2007 derby when Shane won the cash. Not bragging please understand just sharing. bought an Efren Reyes cue from 2001. hits lik gold I just got it polished tonight cleaned the shaft burnished tip and ferrule(only 550.+tip. I bought a Jackson for 250.(mint used 2-3 games in guessepe case too. and a beautiful Kenny Murrell 4 pt. my wife is going to kill me tomorrow.
    I did figure a way to compete across the computer I'll tell ya how - 8-ball break take ball in hand try to run 15. do same thing 10 times. perfect score 150. just a way to practice running balls. You could do there with friends as well.
    its me back from -40 this wkend nuts thats from a high of 82 to -40. Alton did return e-mail his daughter was home christmas and New years and said he's working every day and night almost. He'll send pictures of caps and extras and i'll find out about the szam caps. I m going to Koinnkids -troy I'll try to take a few pictures of the elite cues- It will blow your mind- please keep in touch too- I wish we could have met the others but to little time. but like I said before those szams make me crazy for 15 yrs. I went to Leeward bowl no luck -now his sazm is sweet too aki's . mark
    I did run into some guy who logs koa on the island. It was great to meet you as well! Sorry I'm so out spoken!. I just loose it around such great cues. please send contact info on koa cuemaker .I want the szamboti caps on altons I have to travel north and pick up my pets-500 miles round trip,need to shovel more snow got like 10 inches frozen stuff off the truck, I had to wait at airport from 4pm yesterday,till plane came in delayed from broken windshield repair-flew all night. I'll post in the forums later(enough of the poor Chinese guy you were friendly and rich with knowledge and friendship in my book thats what matters. we landed plane and turned for the gate and had to be towed in(another mechanical) same 330 airbus. Sorry we didn't get to play some or meet others but next time. Your cues were clean - nice- mark
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