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    Pool Rooms in Vegas

    This place is 30 minutes from me, but I am going to check it out once it opens- -dj
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    Ariel Carmeli Cues

    Martin always has good deals on Carmeli cues: -dj
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    Billiard Room - Sands Bowl, Lancaster, CA, circa 1959

    When I was growing up in New Jersey, we had Butler Bowl which was 50 lanes and a huge poolroom as well. They later turned the pool room into slot car racing. -dj
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    Thing of beaty from Accustats and GOAT!

    That was poetry in motion- -dj
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    Confusion!.......Spin the Cue ball or Center Cue ball MOSTLY?

    If you can get the cue ball to the next destination with a vertical axis hit, I see no reason to spin it. However, many shots require spin to get to the next destination, so, as BB said, you need to be able to do both- -dj
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    Strange Diamond event

    The nice thing about a Diamond is that if you drop chalk in a pocket, you can usually see it from one of the slots at either end and fish it out with a cue. -dj
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    My theory on why they use a purple 5 ball

    I like the black spotted cueball much better than the red one, though. I use it with my traditional set- -dj
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    RIP Scott Lee

    Wow, very sad news. He will be sorely missed. I had my very first pool lesson with Scott in Vegas back in 2005. RIP, Scott -dj
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    Decals that are put on the tournament tables

    The Diamond logos are put on at the factory and they are not decals. They are some sort of white liquid poured into the cutout and then dried. In fact, when I ordered my 8 foot Diamond and Littman light, I requested they have no logos. To each his own- -dj
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    I think Klute was her best film, good thriller- -dj
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    "The Hustler of Money"

    I never saw that, thought it was funny, loved the line "How did you get the car?" "Oil, Oil and vinegar". -dj
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    Reyes , souquet match

    Yeah, it is a poor copy of the original video- -dj
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    Age Related Decline

    When I played in college, I won the 14.1 tournament and had a run of 47 and out to win the SemFinal. I sold the cues I had and did not play again until 30 years later. I never thought I would equal that run, but in 2010 I ran 59 in practice which was my high run of all time. That was after...
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    Same here, did 4 or 5 deals with him, never a problem. He once shipped me a Hercek cue overnight before I sent the payment- -dj
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    Moving, don’t know if I should take my table.

    Leave the table. I did that with a home Brunswick when I left CA. Get a better table in your new location- -dj