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    Good ole "Do the Math"

    Just ran into Jason in Vegas last month and immediately thought of this video. He is priceless.
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    🏆🏆 What is your LARGEST pool accomplishment?

    Multi-layered answer but here goes...... 1) From a playing standpoint: Either won solo or have been a team member of, I believe, 11 national championships or so. 2) Have run over 1000 tournaments around my area over the last 31 years. (Over 18 years and counting on an every friday night...
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    Broad ripple in Indy Pool halls ?

    I dated a girl who lived in Castleton and would go in there during the day while she worked. Great place to kill an afternoon playing some of the old schoolers. I left a few dollars there playing one pocket.
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    Who The Hell Is Bucky Bell!!

    Pass on the big tables. I'm older and my eyes suck along with other things.:cry:
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    Who The Hell Is Bucky Bell!!

    Hey GS. Next time you are around the Chicago area send me a message and I will accommodate you with some bar table action. Thanks
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    D.C. pool suggestions

    Hey DC area AZer's. Are there any nice bar/pool rooms around the DC area that a pool traveler has to check out? Vacationing next week there and will want to play some bar pool and drink a few beers in a clean, safe, nice place. Diamond tables are preferred but a sweet place with others will...
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    5 Aramith Super Pro Ball sets for sale

    All gone..........
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    Aramith Super Pro Replacment 8 Balls

    I need to find 3 or 4 Aramith Super Pro replacement 8 balls. The kind that come standard with Diamond tables. Pooldawg is currently out of them. Thanks for any help with this.
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    Jacoby Heavy Hitter Break Cue

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    Willards Tip Machines

    I have 1 Willards Tip Machine for sale. It is in used condition. Works just fine. Sold as is. Comes with exactly whats in the photos. I don't know anything about replacement parts for this machine so I can't answer any questions about that. It is missing the leather burnishing strip. I will...
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    John Robinson contact info?

    Does anyone have current contact info for John Robinson? A friend of mine would like to get some shafts made for his cue. Thanks for any help with this.
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    Kevin Harts' brother?

    In an interview the other day, Kevin Hart, the comedian, said that his brother is a professional pool player. True or not? If true, how good does he play? Just curious.
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    Wrapless South West Cue For Sale

    No longer available. Thanks
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    Tuesday night tourney St. Louis?

    Are there any tuesday night tourneys around the St. Louis area worth going to? Working in the area and have a night free. Thank you for any suggestions.
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    FS: 7 ft Diamond Smart Table

    All tables are sold. Thank you.