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    Arizona Open - U.S. Pro Billiard Series

    That... and...... the annoying "intermission" music between racks is 3x louder than the commentary. Every time between games you have jump on the volume before you blow your speakers. Totally horrible bandwidth shortage on Friday. Streamers really need to know how much is required. I bet...
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    Sold (((Omega DPK Ebony On Ebony Five Points))) Tuxedo FT/FS

    Arrived today. She is a looker. Thanks again
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    Schon Butt cap

    Ive seen both. But by 87/88 were standardized into what I assume is/was a white or black ABS type material. Any ones I see after say 1990 with "Delrin" were replacements caused by a missed ball/floor collision incident.
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    Strong opinion: Dress Codes Needed

    Agree. This game needs to "self-elevate", to ever be taken seriously by sponsor money. It is pretty simple. You as a player need to respect YOURSELF and the GAME. It starts with each one of us. Any broadcast event via TV, Streams, PPV in person, etc, is by nature a professional event. So...
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    Omega /DPK 59" Cue

    Payment Sent Thanks
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    2 Questions:

    1. Did I hear or read that Its George is back in operation? Need a case relined. If so, anybody have contact info? 2. Old Stroud JossWest. Was poorly refinished and the numbskull damn near sanded the JW off the delrin. Did I hear that somebody was authorised to re-engrave this? Or was I...
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    Has Larry Nevel surpassed Earl Strickland...

    in cue length? Good lord. I'd pay too see a PPV of them jousting on horseback. I alone on this?