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    Table Exposure

    Didn't work out so well. It rained and the table shrunk.
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    Show your Gold Crown IV!

    I'm so jealous of you guys with basements, lol! Out here in Southern California it usually takes a 3.5K+ sq. ft. house to have a chance of a room big enough for a GC, and my house didn't have a room large enough when I bought the table. So for now my table is in the garage. But the weather is...
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    Tight Pockets

    Here's some close ups of my GC4 with 4.25 corners and 4.75 sides. Set up and rails were done by Donny Wessel. Plays great for 9-10 Ball and One Hole. It's a little tough for 14.1 TBH, but workable. Just can't cheat 'em as much as I'd like to provide the best playability for straight pool. I...
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    Happy birthday "JAM"

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN!!! Hope today is magical! :wink: ;): :thumbup: :D
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    Post pics of your early script logo Ginacues

    If you are referring to the change to the current logo he uses, that occurred when he came out of his 15 year retirement around 1988. Mine has the italic block letters, not the script. The Blue Book of cues says the script was used until 1970 when Ernie went to block lettering, but this is...
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    History of the IPT

    Online poker sites would have probably been happy to fund it, particularly for TV advertising. ..........
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    2015 George Fels Memorial Derby City Straight Pool Challenge

    Yeah, I think it's similar to this one :grin-square: :
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Probably should have put the pants on before the mask:
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    Who preferred the triangle rack at the Swanee?

    Curious of the perspective from both the competitors and the spectators. For some reason the MBR was not used this year, which is a question in itself. I attended the tournament Saturday night and watched the stream on Sunday. I liked the hard breaking, reduced pattern racking, and the...
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    Just arrived to me my first Gina

    Gina's have been playing lights out for 50 years:
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    Results of today's Bonus Ball match...

    Here's an update of last nights results - another 0-0 pitchers duel between Toronto and New York. They really need a sudden death overtime period. I'll take the under if anyone wants action on tonight's matches.
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    Results of today's Bonus Ball match...

    According to the WPBL website the final score of tonight's match between Minnesota and Miami was 0-0.
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    Lets see your first custom cue the one that started it all

    This is the first custom cue I bought in the early 60's. A Titleist conversion, straight from the maker who was building cues in his garage at the time. He hadn't even made 100 cues at that point. What can I say, I took a chance on the guy. Still have it:
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    Who do you think won the showdown at the close of TCOM?

    Well, TCOM happened to be on TV today and it got me thinking how Scorsese left open the question of who wins that showdown between Vince and Eddie at the close of the movie, perhaps in anticipation of a sequel that wasn't made. Anyway, I don't recall this being asked before and thought it might...
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    Have the Aramith Tournaments been discontinued?

    I notice they have disappeared from Aramith's website. I saw no mention of them on the home page either. Kinda strange.