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  • Hi Mitchell,

    You can't feel too bad losing in One-Hole to Darin. He's been picking up that game pretty good.

    I haven't been to Orange County since the Invitational but I'm trying to find an excuse to go back. In fact I just spoke to my mom and I think I'm due for a visit in the near future. So within the next 4 weeks I should be in town. And when that happens, I'll be in contact with you. A little pool with dinner and drinks - that's my idea of a good time. We'll get your One-Pocket chops together so that Darin will be beggin' for mercy!

    Be good and shoot 'em straight.

    a couple poker players sweat Dip, John Rober and Archie come to mind.

    i might be at the swanee, i missed last year and the year before. if its convenient i go.

    in may if im in vegas lets make it a point to hook up..just find me here on these public messages. or if your ever in LA let me know i get here sometimes for a week or 2.

    I'm moving out of Vegas permantly -when I dont know, sooner the better. things are bad there.
    I was so busy during the bca I only went for one day and my back was shit so I laid on the floor of the media room that match room has for their reporters etc. I went back there 2 other times to pick up and drop off cues, I had so much work even if my back was good I couldn't have been there much,

    We have lots of time ahead of us to catch up, the sooner the better, I'm in la now but. Have work to do and my back is shit again, it's been getting worse the. Past three months, it was getting beter for about 18 months, i'm going back to Vegas tomaro and Monday try the gym, I haven't lifted in 5 years, I trained for 14 years straight so going back with limitations will be a emotional challange.
    im in LV for sure in may 702-241-8000 is all you need to know to find me, i dont check voice mail, but TXT is great, please find me. i'm going to be very busy but will make the time to meet up with you, thanks
    eric :)
    Mitchel, I haven't gotten a chance to use the chaulk yet, It's in my case and I have just been playing customers after installation, lately. But I did use those pressure sensitive spots and liked those. thanks.
    4.25 is a nice pocket size. I like the 4 to 4.25 range. I can't wait to set up my GCI!!!
    GCs are the ultimate as far as I'm concerned. I just love the lines visually and how durable they are.
    I'm gonna take you up on that invite some day.
    Thanks Mitchell!!! This time I will NOT have the flu! Watch without being sick I won't make it to the second day! Lol.
    Are you going to play? How's your new table?
    mike mitchell named me Fatboy back in 86, we been hanging out since 85, he is my best friend in pool, i have staed for months at his house over the years and vice versa. and yeah he can play a little. he can break the balls harder than larry nevel-if he wants to.
    LOL I barley know where I'm at, I own a house in LA and Vegas. I did spend most of the summer in LA this year,

    I will be atthe Swanee this year, I'm not a tournment player so I'm sure I wont play in it, I hope I'm there. I put JA in it 2 years ago when he won it, my very good friend Mike Mitchell toook 3rd this year-he named me Fatboy back in 86, so its not just a screen name its been my name in pool forever.

    I will make a point in finding you this year, and i'd love to come play at your house, your welcome at my vegas house to play anytime, LA house is too small for a table(it would fit but look terrible).

    Glad to know you better now, lets make a point of meeting up sometime, i'm a fun guy-not to serious, I go with the flow and like to laugh alot. Ask Jay,


    sorry this is real late, I have awalys liked your avitar and screen name, hope your good, Fall is upon us, that means its possible to go outside in Vegas. I smartened up this year and lived in LA for the summer. Pool there sucks but it was still a nice summer. Hope yours was as well,

    >>Now that I have a little rep to pass around, I want to thank you for welcoming me in my very first post.<<

    I don't remember what that was.... but it must have been good!! :)

    May all your shots split the pocket.

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