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    Ideas that haven't saved pool

    Still have my Camel Pro Tour press pass from my old "All About Pool" days.
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    smoking or no smoking

    Holy cow you don't know how lucky you were!
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    The Poet of Pool Mike Sigel is a pool player who enjoys his cigars.

    Thanks for posting. Hadn't seen this. They did refer to the High Holy Tournament as Johnson City and not the correct Johnston City. Once upon a time I had the Accustat tape of Sigel and Zuglan.
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    Dean Martin and Johnny Mathis singing some pool

    Apologies if this has been posted before. I'm on the way to work and saw it so I thought I would share. Pretty cringy funny...
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    Hard to believe but I just watched the worst pool movie ever

    Well I finally saw a pool movie worse than "Pool Hall Junkies". Found an old one from 1984 starring Johnny Cash. He should have stuck to singing. This was a truly cringe worthy movie. "The Baron and the Kid". I would however do anything to buy the pool room he was looking to buy. If I could...
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    Since we all have a bunch of free time on our hands, I just set up a website and you can download my ebooks for free. Hope you enjoy them. I'm working on a third book but I've been stuck for awhile. Maybe this will get me kick started. Anyway, I hope you use them to pass...
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    Loss of eyesight

    A very good friend of mine and a good shooter just had a minor stroke and lost sight in his dominant eye. Doctor said the damage cannot be corrected. Does he have any chance of making a comeback? Can you reteach the way you "see" the shots. I would think one of the issues would be depth...
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    Samsara #261 at Turning Stone

    My buddy is at Turning Stone and has a beautiful Samsara. It is number 261 made in their first 2-3 years of existence. Has it with him at Turning Stone. It has the original pin. Two shafts, leather wrap. He wants to move it this weekend and is looking for $2500. If you are there and want to make...
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    tees, books and other stuff

    Hello everyone. I am starting a web store focusing on pool and billiard supplies. I have limited items as of now but intend to grow the inventory. Anyway, I have a few tee shirts $17.00 each shipped or two for $30 shipped. You can go on the site and order (you really should to check out sizes...
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    Ball cleaner

    Looking for a ball cleaner for my men's club. Not looking for anything new. We only have 2 tables so the balls don't need to be cleaned often. Anyone have an old Bludworth maybe? I know I can make one but I'm not crazy about the scuff marks that sometimes get left on the balls. Anyway, if you...
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    2006 World 14.1 DVD Set

    Full 5 DVD set of the 14.1 Straight Pool Championship that was put on by Charlie Williams back in 2006. $39 for the set and I will pay for shipping in US only. DVD 1 Robles vs Engert; Ouschan vs Hopkins; Salvas vs Otterman DVD 2 Schmidt vs Hohmann; Williams vs Hunter DVD 3 Engert vs Immonen...
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    Hey Old Guys--does the fire still burn?

    So after many years absence I started to play tournaments again. I keep doing the two step. I lost to guys I would have gladly put the money down and played. Sadly, they not only beat me, but I stunk! I just didn't have "it". I didn't have focus or drive. I was just a guy with a pool cue in his...
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    Hey Old Guys--does the fire still burn?

    Sorry I posted this twice and I don't know how to delete one.
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    "Hustler to Champion"

    I saw a trailer for a documentary called "Hustler to Champion" today on facebook. It was from 2015. It looked like a great documentary. Was this ever finished and released? If it was how/where can I watch it?
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    8 7' Diamond Smart Tables- Ready to Go!

    Final price drop- these tables are in excellent condition and can be picked up and dropped off ready to play. 8 7' with (4 Red Labels) green Simonis 860 cloth in excellent condition. Comes with Super Pro Armith Balls, cover, and Diamond rack. All you need is to pick them up, drop them off and...