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  • I appreciate your gracious response. And your spiking the football, complete I hope with the end zone dance, is appropriate! ;)
    I am taking my cue with me, but probably not. My family and I are on vacation at Sebago starting tomorrow. If I ever did something I wanted to on my vacation my wife would have a fit. But I am going to try to get there.
    I bought the book this afternoon and just finished it! Loved the characters! Really looking forward to the second one.
    I read the free sample pages for your book and got sucked in! As soon as I get some money to burn I'll be buying it (along with a few others)!
    Just downloaded the e-book version version for my Nook and started to read last night. Type of book I like. I always dreamed about going back to the pool room I grew up in to shoot some balls but, unfortunately, they tore it down for a shopping mall.

    Hello Bob,

    Joe pointed me in your direction, I am looking to obtain a copy of "Racking Secrets". Any chance you have any copies left?


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