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    Snooker Shoot Out 2022
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    The Masters 2022

    Judd - Barry English commentary
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    The Masters 2022
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    The Masters 2022

    Mark Selby is currently world ranking number 1, Judd Trump is no2. Ronnie is 3. Beyond that it's just opinions....
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    The Masters 2022

    Sorry didn't have a link to share!
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    Champions League 2021/2022 Round 1

    Lisowski - Xiao (audio only, no commentary)
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    Champions League 2021/2022 Round 1

    Dott - Day (English commentary)
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    2 rail snooker escapes

    Barry answers the why in the comments of that video: "Once you have the experience it is generally easier to come off two cushions than it is one because the right angle of the table corners enables the player to visualise the escape better. Visualising the two parallel lines is easy because...
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    2 rail snooker escapes

    Without diamonds on the cushions I find it easier to judge using 2 than 1, to cannon an arbitrary ball on the table. Don't know if there's actually a physics reason for it though. You do want to be mindful that a full contact might move the object ball towards a pocket, rather than a safe spot...
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    Champions League 2021/2022 Round 1

    No commentary :(
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    Cue question

    Hendry's old cue was super bend (that he won all the world championships with), until the airline broke it!
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    Grand prix 2021

    Bingham - Ronnie, English commentary:
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    Grand prix 2021
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    Grand prix 2021
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    The Scottish Open 2021

    John ran outa frames! Congrats to Luca.