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  • They brought up your old blues thread....and i loved it all over again.

    Sure. Just give me a ring anytime you are in jersey. Will need a few days notice since my schedule varies from time to time. I'm down to play any game. Might need you to tell me the rules for 15ball rotation. haven't been exposed to that game over here. \ what is your name?
    Hello. Saw your post earlier today. I am in central New Jersey(edison area) and and sometimes in NY for business and on the weekends looking to play some one pocket or any game cheap for practice. Just want to inquire what your name is and if you are in the 5 boros. Probably not likely to be anywhere outside of the 5 boros though. If you are ever in central or north jersey, I will be available to play.
    Mr. Dunnn, Thanks for the green & I'm glad it brought back memories of the way you learned the game that we love. Best Regards, Rick
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