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    best pool role models?

    I like this. nobody's perfect..I think I even saw efren miss a kick one time ^_^ take the good part(s) from anything/anybody, leave the rest for the buzzards
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    Not getting any better?!

    not an instructor pool to me is like life, every time I figure something out, I realize there's something else I don't know I'll give you a concrete/phenolic example- often I throw balls out and play rotation, I usually run them ok tonight kind of by accident, I was faced with balls more in the...
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    Dealing with Pressure Once and for All!

    neat, thanks- will try this-
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    Hard copy version of "Controlled Aggression"?

    hi tom! please offer me a copy, if 100 folks haven't already spoken up-
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    bj ussery

    at this level, I agree..these guys prob have real jobs and lives that aren't influenced by pool that said, I would hate to send the msg to anybody watching, that's it's ok to just up and quit feeling 100% is unlikely..we all get down sometimes, but how we deal with it is usually on us so it's no...
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    bj ussery

    yea. whatever advantages are gained by conceding appear to be nominal, disadvantages could be many..
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    bj ussery

    the full quote is less damning, I think, but yea, that was tough to watch.
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    cue id please

    thanks y'all-
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    fargo and the ghost

    nice shooting, shuddy! I didn't watch all the way through, but from what I saw, you make those pockets look bigger than they are. question: I noticed on a kick and a bank, you pulled out a (shorter?) wood cue- was that just because quarters are close, or ?
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    Poolplayers and their pets(hopefully a feel good thread)

    many fine-looking animals in the thread- this is peacy, a rescue we got here in seattle (mailed from tx, go figure) never been a pet person, but she's fam, and is only a wild-ass hellcat most of the time😋
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    Shark's Junior 10 Ball Open | Nov. 27, 2021 | Day 3 | Game 3

    commentator just said local government is co-sponsoring the event..nice perhaps it's no great shock, these kids can play tho (17 and under)
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    Shark's Junior 10 Ball Open | Nov. 27, 2021 | Day 3 | Game 3

    on now..the future of filipino pool👊👊
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    Mosconi Cup Stats -- Career Records for Players on 2021 Teams

    fair. interesting (and understandable?) distinction between playing at home and abroad tho-
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    Mosconi Cup Stats -- Career Records for Players on 2021 Teams

    thanks for the stats, AL- 16-21 is pretty weak for a player of shane's caliber- how would you (or anybody else that wants to chime in) attribute this?
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    cue id please

    thanks- may I ask, how do you know/what tips you off? if it wasn't clear before, I know nothing about these things..