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    I want to be Joey A

    I made a 900 mile round trip to Buffalo's to meet Eferen. This is one great place and I would love to have a place like that close. I ran into Joey A. down there, and he lives in the big easy, and he not only has this place to play but a couple of other world class places to play. Mind you, I...
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    Favorite commentator

    Another thread got me thinking. Who is your favorite in the booth? Mine would be Billy I. I learned a lot from him.
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    Natural Talent?

    What makes a pool players natural talent? Is it just better hand eye coordination? I see people that have a natural ability to make balls. I do not have this and I envy people that do. I have seen a few people that could run out often after only playing for 9 months. Why couldn't I have this. To...
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    Frey sneaky for sale

    I bought this Frey a couple of months ago to try to get back into playing pool. I am now giving it up again for good. The cue is 20 oz. but is adjustable as it has a weight bolt. Curly maple and cocobolo and has kamui med. black tip. Shaft is 12.5 mm. I will ship it in a 1x2 tube case. $475...
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    Help Frey or Pierce sneaky

    It is B6 of the Frey July sneaky sale.
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    wtb dymonwood jump/break

    Looking for a dymondwood jump/break without any wrap.
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    Help Frey or Pierce sneaky

    I can't make my mind up on which cue to get. I had a Scruggs and loved the way it played. I like a little weight in the butt end and I like solid hit.
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    Better money in snooker

    never mind.........................
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    Getting an 8 piiece cue

    It has more pieces so it would be better huh. It has weight bolts at ever section to adjust weight and balance. Oh yea it has a screw on feral with tips on them. If you can't beat em join em.
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    practice artical
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    How to make a quick buck

    Looks like it is easy to become a cue maker, take deposits and payments and then never make a cue. I bet that most cue makers that owe cues and money to people no longer have the tools to build a cue. Most likely pawned or sold all of it if they needed money bad enough to rip people off.
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    JB rugged case

    My new rugged case is here and I don't know why other lower priced case makers are still in business. This case is worth double the 100 I spent on it.
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    Info on JB rugged case

    Is the rugged like a soft case with no rigged material under the vinyl ? I am interested in them so any info on them.
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    WTB 3x5 case (layaway needed)

    I need a 3x cue case. Something like instroke , Flowers, JB, Justis ect. I would have to pay it out over 60 day period like layaway. You hold the case until paid in full. I need to stay below $450. I am on a fixed income and it is impossible for me to come up with the money all at once. You set...
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    Fury jump break

    Is a fury jump break worth $61 shipped to your door? That was the final bid on one on eBay with free shipping.