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    _____FS: Kenny Murrel_____

    Awesome cue. Wish we could agree on a payment plan...
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    _____FS: Kenny Murrel_____

    Sorry to bump. I sent you 4 PMs. Do you check them at all? I may have what you are looking for.
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    _____FS: Kenny Murrel_____

    I thought you wanted to keep that... Saw this cue in person. A true player's cue.
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    _____FS: Rare Tim Scruggs_____

    Oh WOW! How come I did not see it? GLWS.
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    _____FS/FT: Labros Ebony Merry Widow_____

    Awesome cue. I had to let it go. But, what a player! GLWS!
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    Wtb: Old stock westinghouse micarta ferrule That is the real Micarta.
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    SLICKSTER case for George Bell

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    &&&&& FS: Lambros &&&&&

    This is the last bump. After this it goes back to the case. Too good of a player to just let it go.
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    &&&&&_FS: Predator BK3_&&&&&

    bump bump bump
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    I need a good break cue
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    &&&&&_FS: Predator BK3_&&&&&

    Final price drop. If it does not sell, I will just keep it. $325 shipped.
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    &&&&& FS: Lambros &&&&&

    I can not believe this cue is still here. Price is great, cue is a strong player. Let's get it sold guys. This cue will be available until Tue next week. If it does not sell, it goes back in the case. I am not in a rush to sell, just got bored and wanted something new. But I will be happy to...
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    bad deal- should i put this person on blast??

    That user name is not on AZ. Are you sure you got the name right?
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    &&&&&_FS: Predator BK3_&&&&&

    Bump! Great break cue here. At great price.
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    &&&&& FS: Lambros &&&&&

    BUMP! Still available. Lots of PMs, tons of trade offers. Some are very tempting. But no money yet. Let's get it sold guys. We can do escrow through Kenny(Fourkingscues) or I can present references from few very well known AZ members. All communications by PM only please. Thank you Snomon34 for...