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    The suggestion of a CTE specific sub forum

    I'd love a CTE-only forum. The incessant trolls are one of the very reasons that I don't frequent this board anymore. I had been gone for a few years, but decided to pop back in when the news of Stan's book hit the presses. Sure enough. Same ole haters still hatin'. Bringing nothing to...
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    DigiCue Blue improving your game?

    I haven't seen any posts in a while concerning this new tool. Now that they have been out for a little bit, who has one? Anyone bearing down and seeing improvements with it?
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    PPMU.....PoolPlayerMatchUps league management website? Anyone use this league management website or part of a league that does? I'm looking at bringing our statewide Arkansas league into system. I took a 2 1/2 hour online tutorial/presentation today from Rex Yoder and Jason Crisp of the Nebraska area. I came...
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    FargoRate fees?

    I've heard mention of a new and improved FargoRate app due out somewhat soon. I THINK I also read that a person might have to join BCAPL in some form or fashion to have access to this app. If any or all of this is incorrect, I offer my apologies, as I can't currently find where I heard...
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    Fargo starter ratings question

    Is it possible to start someone with any rating, so that they are more in the ballpark of where you feel like they will end up? As in, if someone with a known general skill level would be more competitive starting at 425 versus 525. Or even if someone was pretty strong and would fit better as...
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    FargoRate and local league divisions? Ideas?

    I'm attempting to convince my local league to switch to FargoRate. However, one of the big selling points for getting players to join this league is the opportunity to play for a state division championship. Currently we have "Master", "A", "B", and, "C". There hasn't always been 4...
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    FargoRate experiences in your area?

    I'm attempting to do some research on FargoRate. Possibly introduce it to a local league for discussion. I've watched 3 videos on FB that Mike Page has put out. Read a few things on here. Downloaded the free Android app and looked it over. I'd like to hear some real-world experiences from...
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    ATT: Dallas players.....

    I'm coming to Dallas/Lancaster, TX on September 16th-17th for a business thing. I'll be looking for a clean, non-smoking pool room to hit some balls in on Wednesday night the 16th. Any local tourneys or players interested in some friendly games that night?
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    Does anyone have team JERSEYS for league play?

    I started up a team a few sessions ago. Technically, we're finishing up our 2nd one together and already plan on beginning our 3rd in late June. Originally, I wasn't much for a team looking like a team, as I feel like pool is an individual sport. I still feel that way, but I have decided that...
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    Pics of a "snowflake" inlay?

    I'm getting a cue made and I'd like to have a "snowflake" inlay put in the forearm points, plus inside the boxed veneers of the butt. I've found a few images online and in here, but I'd love to see more. Let's see those snowflake inlays!
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    Diamond barbox bachelor apartment plan.....

    I'm currently staying with my brother at the moment, but looking to get an apartment soon. My employment situation is settled in and I'm established, not to mention happy with my job. Not making a ton of money or anything, but it's slowly getting better every month, since it's partially based...
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    Anyone know Bill Fuller of Portland?

    I got a chance to play him today in a tourney. He seemed like a nice gentleman. I meant to ask him what cue he was using, but he left before I could. It looked to be very nice. He was traveling thru Arkansas visiting family, but said he was from Portland, OR. Anyone know the guy?
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    Is anyone playing in the GPPA?

    We had our 1st local meeting for the GPPA today. I'm probably going to be a team captain. Anyone else going to play?
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    Any fellow NAPA players?

    Curious as to who else in here plays NAPA. Until last week, I had been playing in 3 sessions per week, since joining in early February. My very first career session just ended, so I still have 2 going per week, but I'll be wrapping up another very soon. At that point, I'll be obviously down...
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    A good electronic ratings software/formula out there for a grassroots league?

    I belong to a small grassroots pool league. Our player ratings are determined by an elected Board that simply votes based on what they feel is correct in regards to a person's level of play. There is no "fluidity" in that method. It's VERY rare for a player to be lowered and often takes a...