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    Where does SVB rank all time?

    I don't believe Shane would be an underdog against anyone in 9 ball or 10 ball...from any era. When he gets going, he turns into a freaking machine. I've never seen anyone breeze through racks / packs the effortless way Shane can. JMHO.
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    Taom Chalk

    I would try some in blue too. When will it be available? I better play way better for 20 bucks a cube :)
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    WTB 62" ish cue

    My cue is a 60" Tasc. merry window (wrapless). Now that's kind of an expensive / fancy cue, but the cue I initially tried was a 65" (+/-) no-name sneaky pete of some sort.
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    WTB 62" ish cue

    WARNING: once you try one, you won't be going back to 58". A buddy of mine let me play with his and it was like someone flipped a switch in my game. I still have 58" cues but they feel weird now.
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    Sky and Shane Squabble

    They act like a couple of teenage girls.
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    Yup, the tornado proof let's Bill of the hook on this one. Can't blame the guy for a tornado.
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    Is this ball pocketed?

    I was in a ring game once when someone hit a ball so hard it disappeared off the table for a spilt second and then popped back up in the pocked it was shot in. I don't know how that happened but we gave it to him. If I was the guy that followed him I might have argued a little :)
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    Ron Thomas Cue cases

    You sure on that? My memory is not as good as it once was but I could have sworn Ron told me he was approached about that and declined.
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    Shot Clock vs Time Clock like Chess

    I would agree but (but) your opponent cannot affect your shot clock. If they are gaming, it runs up their shot clock just the same. For example, if the race is to 9, that should take an hour or so. Each player might get 45 minutes to use through that match. If you choose to take a few...
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    Shot Clock vs Time Clock like Chess

    Have a little remote on your belt.
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    Shot Clock vs Time Clock like Chess

    You lose in chess if your clock expires. Why not pool? Keep in mind, your opponent is on the clock too, you just need to manage your time (if you stay under your opponent's time, you never need to worry about it).
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    A moment of revelation

    Yup, agree on everything you said. Watching the top, top players play 9-ball is like watching paint dry. No personalities and routine (for them) run-outs. I love pool and even I don't like watching it. One option is to tighten the pockets so much we see them miss regularly and we see their...
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    Shot Clock vs Time Clock like Chess

    I like that idea. I hate watching slow 9 ball (I can tolerate it in one pocket).
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    Sold SUPER "TASCARELLA" Custom case

    I love this case. Don't forget, my cash offer is still on the table (I'd offer more if I had a Tasc to put in it).
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    Wondering how to sell a Balabushka cue stick? List it on here or is there another place?

    On a similar note, back in the late 70s or early 80s, when I still lived with my parents, my dad was looking to buy a pool table for our basement. We were looking at used ones in the newspaper classifieds. One day we saw one advertised and the women didn't know anything about it except it was...