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    Barnhart cues

    Looking for a Barnhart sneaky and maybe a jump break cue
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    Double nickel ring scruggs ebony

    Hey everyone I wanted to see if anyone has a cue I had sold back 2013. Double nickel ringed ebony 4 pt scruggs. He with 2 shafts. I believe I sold to guy in California and I was wanting to find it again to buy back. If you have leads comments or similar cue please send me a message or email -...
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    Frey sneaky

    I have a Frey sneaky with white butt cap. Awesome shape. Straight together and apart. 13 mm ferrule. Weight approx 18.5-19. Bottom dollar cheap price $315 shipped
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    Barnhart cues

    I have 2 barnharts for sale. First a wrapless with fancier ring work. Rosewood and curly maple. Mint shape and test hit shaft. Second is a Merry Widow coco with pressed linen wrap. Shaft has been used. But both cues straight and awesome players. Looking for $800 for Wrapless and $600 for coco or...
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    Tony Bautista amboyna burl

    Hey I took a cue on trade. It is a tony Bautista 2011. Awesome burl figure, appears to be amboyna. Great shooter, looking for 350 shipped
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    Jim baxter- cue set- Cleveland Browns Fan

    Hey everyone, the unemployment line struck again. I need to sell my cues to keep things running at home. I have a 3 cue set, shafts are 12.2mm shooting cue, 12.9 alternate shaft, 13.3 break shaft. They are merry window cues, with quilted maple and mexican coco. Awesome ring work, and custom...
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    Lomax 4 point cue

    Here is a extremely solid and sweet hitting cue. I have never hit one of his cues before, and I think I am stupid for not keeping it as I never had a cue like this. But, I committed to some cues are already and in production and the wife is making me sell. Lomax w/ 2 shafts and custom JPs...
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    Coker for sale

    Hey here is a nice Coker for sale Coker w/ 2 shafts Weight: Butt: 15.75oz Shaft 1: 3.75oz/ 12.96mm w/ S Black Kamui Shaft 2: 3.65oz/ 12.85mm w/ S Original Kamui I would like $425 or obo shipped
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    barnhart sneaky pete forsale

    I have a hardly used barnhart sneaky, it is one of the rarest and original sneakys he has made. This info is per Bamacues. THe cue includes 2 original shafts and 1 OB shaft. the OB shafts is 12.75 mm and the original 13mm. i unfortunately dont know the weights of the shafts or butt, however...
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    Lucasi cue for sale

    Selling this cue for my twin brother. This is a L-E11 model from the 2004-2005 date range. The actual cue was made in July 2004. The red wood is cocobola and the grey is stained birdseye and the white is ABS. Looking for $175 shipped obo
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    Jacoby edge break, whitten 2/4, lucasi jump cue

    I have a jacoby edge break cue that is 1-2 yrs old. It has a phenolic shaft insert which gives it a super hard hit. sold pending funds. Also I have a whitten 2 tone case, 2/4 slate gray and burgandy color, great shape. Looking for $old pending funds And finally a lucasi jump cue that is the 4...
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    Barnhart sneaky for sale

    Jacoby whitten and jump cue for sale Hey I have a Barnhart sneaky for sale. It is in 95% condition very little in imperfections. It comes with 2 shafts, has the typical silver dot ring work on collars and butt cap. I am looking $old. I also have a jacoby edge break cue in great shape, again...
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    Custom joss for sale

    I have a custom joss with a printed serial on the as joint. It has a maple forearm with 6 points with mother of pearl slender diamonds. And there is double not bed diamonds of mother of pearl in the butt sleeve with ovals of cocobola and the sleeve and points are ebony. Approximate 13 mm shaft...
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    Custom Scruggs 4pt ebony double nickel ring

    I am selling a unique Scruggs that is an eye catcher. It has double nickel ring up and down the entire cue, 4 pt ebony with ebony butt section, highly figured maple forearm and pressed linen wrap. 2 shafts all are straight together and apart. Any Scruggs fan will love this cue. Sorry, I am...
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    For sale Scruggs Sneaky pete

    Hey I have a scruggs sneaky pete for sale, 2 shafts, original shaft and a secondary one, all wood to wood joint. Have white delrin buttcap with TS logo. Straight together and apart. I will post pictures tonight. I am looking for $550 shipped.