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  • i would like to know if you still have the coker we talked this week would you please just let me know if you find someone else to sell the cue to just please email me or call me no hard feeling at all you have my number ok
    Tracy, Good to hear from you. There is much more important things in life than Hueblers, cues, billiards. I happened to have gotten rather proficient in the pool room and the bars at an early age. Not without a lot of help. I came to the realization in my mid 20s that to step up to the pro level would encompass my whole life and make sacrifices I chose not to make. Later when I married and had children I still played OK and had my moments, but rarely practiced. I always wondered how it could have been, but I would still recommend Family over pool. Good luck and I still hope to play a few games and maybe meet your Family. I have a Daughter not too far from you in Ohio. Have not seen Her for quite a while. Her Daughter is a Freshman at W. Virginia and a Son in 7th grade. She was born in 1971, in my pool playing and drinking days. Not all my choices were correct. Bob
    Hello Tracy, Did you notice all the red rep on the seller of the Mammoth. Be careful.
    We are settling in in S. Cal.
    I sent funds via paypal on Saturday, you should have it in your account. did you get the $$ ?

    if you know of other Huebler nut like us let them know about me, if I dont have it I might know wher its to be found
    Sorry if I didn't respond back, cant remember. Actually I have a large sentimental connection with the cue and I will keep it. Thanks
    hey tracy, yes the cloth cover comes with the case. it will go out on fedex today but i have to wait to get a tracking#. and i think it has ins. but i'll check
    I wouldn't mind seeing what I can get on ebay for it but I sent pictures of your sneaky pete's to Tim to see what he can tell me about it I also have that ding almost completely out of the shaft a little more time and I will have it completely out. I am still interested in this trade but if someone offers me somewhere around my asking price I will need to take that because I am desperate for cash.
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