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    Question about vision after Cataract surgery with lens implants

    I had cataract surgery on both eyes in 2012; with about a month between the first eye and second. For me, I could see much better right away, but I did have some distortion at first. This was most noticeable at night when driving. It turned out (for me) that it took some time for my eyes to...
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    Looking for a custom cue? Contact Bob Owen AKA Shurts Custom Cues - Wichita Ks.
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    Dr. Dave 2021 PBIA Instructor of the Year

    Congratulations Dr. Dr. Dave - well deserved for sure. I too have learned much from your videos; thanks.
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    flyrv9 USAF 1969 - 1973.
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    9 ball racking ?

    I was watching some youtube matches yesterday and on this one (link below) they were racking with the 9 ball on the foot spot instead of the 1 ball. This obviously moved the whole rack forward half the distance of the rack. I've never seen this before. Is this new...
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    Midwest 9 Ball Classic - Wichita this weekend

    6/11 - 6/12 Sat - Sun. 9 Ball race to 9 on $.50 7' bar tables at Sidepockets. $50 entry - double elimination. There should be a calcutta as has been in all previous years. Mini tournaments on Fri nite 6/10. More info and map on link below. I've played in this a few times and it's a well run...
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    Places to play in the Phoenix and SF area

    In Sept the wife and I are taking a road trip from Wichita Kanas out to California (San Rafel) and Phoenix to visit family. I played in Phoenix years ago at the Golden 8 Ball Billiards on Indian School and Grand Ave. I think it's gone now. I see from the internet there are several places in the...
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    McDermott joint ?

    A friend gave me her McDermott cue to have fixed because it would not screw together completely. It got hard to twist after being about 2/3 of the way together. I took it down to my local Cue builder and all they had to do was run a tap in to clean out the threads of the shaft. The cue now...