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    Does this ad bother you?

    There's an expression that many young people don't know, called 'lowering the bar.' The 'bar' represents the level of class, dignity, self respect, and all those good things that people used to strive for in their lives and for their children's lives. Some still do, but the numbers of those...
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    Not seeing straight

    Can you post some videos of yourself shooting from front, side and back perspectives?
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    WPA as non profit

    The WPA is a collaboration of all of the continental federations. Every continent and therefore, country, is represented in the organization. Creating or changing rules is a very detailed process that undergoes heavy scrutiny by each continental federation before the vote to incorporate the new...
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    Ha! Not from the Bronx, but I do confess to doing a little Italian shopping on Arthur Ave. :cool: Happy Holidays to you too.
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    I figured it was just me. I'm a pretty simple-minded person. I like Hemingway.
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    I was just hoping you could have answered his question. Maybe it's just me, but I didn't understand your answer. I thought his question was pretty straight forward.
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    So is it possible that the maximum speed turns into constant speed prior to impact? Is there continuous acceleration up to the point of impact? Or does the motion come to a stop at impact? I guess I'm not clear on what your statement is supporting with regard to the question asked.
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    How would you play this 9ball shot?

    This shot is easier than it looks. It's just a tempo shot with a nice soft roll with topspin. Soft grip.
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    How would you play this 9ball shot?

    When playing a safety or a two-way shot, you have to prioritize the speed of either the cb or ob, which is why this shot is tougher than it looks, because with this shot, you need the correct speed and position for both balls. You don't want the ob to wind up in a beneficial spot for your...
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    Aiming very close cuts

    I thought everybody knew to stand taller on close shots. You have to see the space between the two balls for proper perspective. You can't see it when you're standing low.
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    How would you play this 9ball shot?

    There are several possibilities here and I think it would come down to how I feel when I'm standing over the shot and how the table is playing. In addition to the other suggestions, there's a very doable rail-first carom off the 6 shot on the 9 ball (if it's not frozen), where the 6 banks...
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    Most common positional shots in rotation games, that require extreme side?

    There are lots. The most common ones are where the ob is pretty close to a rail and you can't manipulate the cb along the tangent line with either speed or top or backspin in order to change the angle to the cushion, because it's getting to the cushion too fast. Then you most likely have to use...
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    One-rail kick power/spin choices for smallest margin of error

    Yes, I understand your position for beginners. There are some things we can do to help the cb hold the line as it comes off of a rail, based on the angle of the kick, and it doesn't hurt to know some basic theory that would apply in perfect conditions. But whatever way you decide as your...
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    Billiards as a way to teach proper behavior

    Happy to help. I think your heart is in the right place and that you are seeking answers. To answer your question about who decides the consequences, it will be mainly their continental federation. If the player receives a suspension for a period of time from their continental federation, the...
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    One-rail kick power/spin choices for smallest margin of error

    Yes, there are some people who go too far and endlessly spin and spin, trying to analyze every little thing. I don't see that about Oikawa. I think this person is asking some interesting questions and keeping an open mind as well. He (or she) is trying to formulate a baseline for himself for...