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    Southwest Cue Wait

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    SJM Sizes Up the World Pool Championship

    Thank you for your imput , that negative #3 is bothersome I wish there would be one standard for the Sport . Like you said the positives outweighed the negatives. Thanks again
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    Thank you for posting. For Frank Zummo Pool was his life .
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    happy birthday JAM!!

    Happy Birthday Jam hope you are doing well and enjoying your special day !
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    Well the Pool world has lost another unique colorful player Frank Zummo of Cleveland Ohio. In the 60's to the 80's Frank was a top Pool player with Straight Pool being his best game and passion. He has owned several Poolrooms in Northeast Ohio the latest being Franks Billiard in Wickcliffe Ohio...
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    WHERE IS MY ITRADER NOW??????????????

    Can we still send PMs ?
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    WHERE IS MY ITRADER NOW??????????????

    This seems like a big pain in the butt. It was so nice seeing name and all info by persons name and no searching.
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    I heard King of Billiards in Akron OH is closing.
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    Rest in Peace -Big Joe Masci

    From the 1990's thru 2010 anyone attending the US Open , SBE, or Derby City has seen Big Joe. He was impossible to miss because of his size. The majority of the time he would be sitting by Don Sherman's booth he was a fixture there. Joe had a real passion for Cues and bought , traded and sold...
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    Just to let all interested parties know the Hustler will be on TCM on March 12th at 9:45 PM.
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    Would anyone know how to get the action room forum if it does not show up as a choice? This is not for me but a newer Gold member Joesephs 1. If you can PM him with any info it would be greatly appreciated. I have not been able to help him. Thanks in advance.
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    Florian just did a few trick shots on the Steve Harvey Show.I just happened to catch it . Florian is a good ambassador for Pool in my opinion. I have been seeing more and more Pool tables in commercials and shows.