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  • I apologize for mis-spelling JR's first name in my book (Leil). He was a super nice guy and played GREAT. He was indeed a cool customer. If you get a chance to leave a review on Amazon I would really appreciate it. Thanks much and stay safe !!
    Thank you. Cars today are simply computers on wheels. Transmissions and fuel injection are controlled by computers. Forget about a Benz's safety features. Why buy such a car if you cannot afford the maintenance and insurance? People don't think.
    Thank you, franko. I do try to stick to the facts and the truth, and I hope I always show that I do.

    Just noticed this the message you sent me back in June regarding your Black Boar. Congrats to you! I am certainly glad to hear that you are enjoying your new toy.

    Hope all is well with you and yours,
    Just noticed your post, I will be at the Shane / Strickland match because I am staking Shane.

    See you then!

    John Mars
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