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    New Prewitt 3 Ring

    I've never seen a Prewitt I haven't liked
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    Not so fancy but...

    Keep it simple. Good job
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    4 ball - anyone playing?

    Great way to learn 3c is Korean 4 ball. Add a second red, hit both balls any way you want. Only foul is hitting opponents cue ball with yours. Teaches great control and helps learn the harder game of three cushion.
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    Martz billiard cue

    Looks good, I'd swap the wrap tho
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    Box Cue Makers any recommendations

    Or you could get an Adam and save some pennies
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    Show us your Merry Widow Cues!

    Thanks to Doug Patrick for the linen wrap and modification on a billiard shaft to match this Viking. So fresh and so clean. Simple Birdseye players always appeal to me, and I'm a sucker for white joint collars.
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    Who won the ebony nosed cue off shopgoodwill?

    It was paired with a Dale Perry and had a cracked buttcap.
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    TAD/MARTIN style Viking, Brunswick Hustler case, OB shaft

    Case will be getting a new interior this month.
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    Half n half tip

    Thanks for the info. Didn't know that was a thing!
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    Tony Annigoni suicide

    That's sad news to be sure. I played at the Two Cushion Club with Tony. We played snooker, and he was always kind. Read his book too. I have had family who met the same fate and it is terrible even to think of. Great player and room owner.
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    Half n half tip

    Has anyone messed with installing a tip of one hardness, then trimming down and installing another half of a tip with differing hardness? Not sure what made me think of it, but curious to know if it's been done. I have no clue if there is any benefit. Would try it myself, but I've moved and no...
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    Brass jointed cues

    Good eye, but no, not an insert. The shafts were piloted wood. I flat faced one and have kept it for my sneaky, which fittingly I made from a dufferin purple heart blank off the wall of the Jointed Cue before it closed. Sold the Stonier cue. Nice crisp hit, but I never played it much...