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    Joint material...

    I use Tomahawk, available in white or black
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    Wood supplier?

    Thanks Mike, but rules without enforcement are just words on a page. So we must self-enforce.
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    Wood supplier?

    From "Rules for posting in Ask the Cuemaker" that you all skipped over: "Supply sources can be asked for, but all replies should be sent in the form of Private Messages. This protects our cuemakers supply sources from the general public. Almost no industry shares their wholesale sources with...
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    Glue question for gluing cores

    Guys, I've enjoyed the discussion, thank you. My question is "Isn't there a significant difference in working time between epoxy and poly glue?" I know someone pointed out the difficulty in getting a forearm core pressed through when using Titebond. I thought from previous reading, that it is...
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    Joint ring paint?

    Do the right thing This time and every time Even when no one is looking
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    Any one use Bludworth cnc cue machine ?? A friend inherited

    There is/was a cuemaker about 80 miles north of me that had both a 4-cue saw taper machine and a 4-cue inlay machine. Neither one ran or ran correctly. He had a local computer whiz working with him to straighten things out. Don't know if he ever got things going. His opinions on the...
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    Isoplast 202

    I'd like 10 PM Sent
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    Bob Cad

    Well all, I have been informed by BobCAD that they do not transfer licenses. I'm not sure what you have to do if your PC crashes or you upgrade. So I had to let Doug know and return his Paypal. FYI
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    DeeDee, That tailstock is a standard Taid tailstock - not invented or desgned by Todd. It has a tightening screw for locking it down that works just fine. YMMV Gary
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    I do the same thing. An old Craftsman wood lathe. I bought a Sherline (I think) adapter to screw onto the 3/8-16 pin of the headstock. It then holds a spur drive. A simple live center for the tailstock end. They are readily available on CraigsList or FB Market. Finding one with a variable...
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    Raptor CNC for Sale

    I came across this and know folks here are sometimes looking for a similar setup. This CNC is plenty large enough to make cues. I do not know the owner/seller, though I see him post occasionally and believe he knows his CNC "stuff". So DO NOT try to contact me...
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    tip swap…. gone wrong???

    Man, I'm sorry to see that. I used to be on OB"s list of approved installers, so I could get those ferrules, but never had much demand for them in this part of the pool world. I just checked and the only one I have left was cut in half for some reason. Dunno I'm in Highlands Ranch and can put...
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    Bob Cad

    I have BobCAD 25 that I never used very much. I've moved to Fusion360. Let me know if you're interested.
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    Carbon fiber shaft issue

    Why was he playing on the ceiling? My experience has been many have a weight in the middle - usually nearer the butt than the tip. If the foam was not consistently applied, that weight comes loose and will slide around inside. The repair is to figure out which end it is loose end and some way...
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    Obi Joint Pin

    Rob, OB doesn't use a custom pin. If you look at their website, most of their butts are shipped with a 3/8-10 modified pin. However, you can order an OB shaft with any pin type that you like. You'll need to see the butt/pin that the customer used before, or get the shaft and dtermine what pin...