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    McDermott Defy vault plate cracked

    I agree with Kim and Dave above. My question is "Do you break with that shaft?" Or jump? Just wondering how that chunk chipped off. Gary
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    Wanting to get into making cues. Have questions regarding that topic.

    Grave39, Well, be careful what you ask for!! Cue building can become an addicition costing 10's of thousands of dollars. Epoxy selection is important, but a fairly minor part of building. In general, a clear, slow curing epoxy is recommended for best bonding. But epoxy can be used for...
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    Opinions on Carbon Fiber Butt Weight??

    Thunder, As Jeff points out in his post, they will be foam filled - the same method that CF shafts are made. How do you propose making them "adjustable"? Gary
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    Is this cue lathe worth buying?

    It is based on the WMV-210V lathe, which isn't a bad setup. That lathe comes in metric and imperial unit versions. It will thread, and for that I would prefer an imperial version. But overall, a lot of the extras have already been included. Thumbs Up!
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    Objectionable shaft grain?

    One or a few sugar marks will have NOTHING to do with how the shaft hits. You need to decide if it's a "pretty" shaft (in your opinion) that you desire or one that hits well - only you know what "hits well".
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    Carbon shaft build?

    I'm wondering if you know that CF shafts are commonly filled with foam? Foams come in different densities. Have you thought about what density you want to use?
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    re :: INLAYS , has anyone used Moon Stones 🍀

    Are these examples cabachons (flat on the back) or are they round/curved on the back?
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    I just started with it. Have not thinner it.
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    Laser Engraver and cutter ...

    Will Yes without the correct protective glasses your eyes are at risk.
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    I liked Behlens too,but it got sold and is a Mohawk product now. I'm working with the Zinnser product now.
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    Can this be fixed or do I need a new shaft before Vegas?

    I agree with Michael, you friend is qualiied to help you. Show him this thread so he knows what you know. I would say West Systems epoxy or Devcon 2-Ton/2-Hour epoxy. You want something that cures slow for better adhesion (after you clean out the inside wall of the shaft). Since he has a...
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    Can this be fixed or do I need a new shaft before Vegas?

    When carbon fiber shafts are made, the cf thread or tape is wound onto a mandrel. That mandrel is coated with a release agent. Some of that release agent sticks to the inside of the shaft and if it is not removed, epoxy won't stick very well. That is what appears to have happened in this...
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    how to design a true parabolic/conical tapered cue- ?

    A parabola is a curve, not a cone. A parabola can be drawn/shaped through any two points you want. So the tip diameter and the butt diameter can be any common measurement you want. I looked into it and built a couple, but couldn't discern any playing difference from my regular cues. Joey B...
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    Curly Maple Cue

    What's your location?
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    Cue Finish ...

    Nice video John Thank you