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  • The ad headlined, "How well do you play pool? In three days you can play 50% better."

    We're having dinner again at DCC this year (Fri. night). I'm sure you'd be more than welcome. Find Bill Porter. Best , GF

    Which ad are you refering too? I just woke up and am a little fuzzy right now.

    I also sincerly appologise for not being able to be at the dinner with you and Jay and Bill 2 years ago, I had a court hearing that I had to go to, We lost that case By the way. I should have just stayed for the dinner.

    I will be at the Derby this year I think, I will let you know in the next couple days.

    my very best to you,

    Eric Petersen
    Hi George,
    are you perhaps the author of *Mastering Pool* ?
    greetings from germany,
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