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    13.25 mm shaft

    WTB or trade for 13.25 mm shaft minimum in 3/8 10, 5/16 14, g10 7/16 , 5/16 18 or radial 29, 29.5, or 30 inch
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    Sold Ebony Birds Eye Cue

    I agree with Nate! Makes a great sneaky and good guy to deal with.
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    Trying and testing

    This is a great cue and it decent test - thanks
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    Antique Brunswick table repair

    In search of qualified person to replace rubber and felt. 1908 Brunswick Remington table located in manasass Virginia Any information will be appreciated Thanks
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    1908 Brunswick Remington table repair

    In search of someone to replace banks and felt on antique table located in northern Virginia. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
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    1908 Brunswick Remington

    I'm looking for someone that can replace the rubber and the felt on an antique table. Located in northern Virginia. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Schon Black Widow for sale

    An original black widow in very nice condition 1 original shaft SOLD Pm with email or phone number for pictures Thanks for the responses CUE Is SOLD
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    Tv coverage mosconi cup

    Anyone know if this years cup will be live on espn3? Any other way aside from being there to see it live? Thanks
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    Cue Companion large Chuck

    This Chuck is used pics and/?'s will be replied to upon pm requests SOLD Deal pending!
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    Cue Companion large Chuck for sale

    I bought this Chuck from a cue maker that used to post on AZB it has seen a lot of use, but still functions. SOLD I can send pics and answer questions in response to pms Deal pending ! Thanks
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    Vendor list us open?

    Anyone know where to find what vendors are attending the open this year?
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    Custom cue less than 58 inches

    Anyone know of any past or present cue makers that used something less then 58 inches As their standard length?
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    Happy new year to all! Looking for advice on best ferrules and tips to use when doing bunch of house cues. All things considered where would be the best place to get em best price and best in terms of workability etc.. I realize I might have to pay more for better ferrules Thanks in advance...
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    lookin for a 58.5 inch butt! 3/8 10

    lookin for a 28.5 inch butt! 3/8 10 That just about covers it wrap less preferably and I'm not ruling out complete cues - my ultimate goal is a player (not the name brand) cue 57 inches or close either way. nothing fancy but that (being fancy) is not a deal breaker - if I could pick and...
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    Shaftmaster drill powered tip lathe sale

    SOLD thanks I posted this in the sale forum and then was advised to post it here this is the lathe they sell designed to be powered by a drill - I will inlude the drill and sell the whole thing for $125.00 plus shipping It works fine for tips and cleaning shafts etc.. probably best use is...