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  • Hey, are you interested in my Klapp Titlist?

    I have way too many messages in the inbox.

    Email me at


    Hi gesan,

    I'm sorry I didn't see your PM earlier. I'm a newb on this forum, and I'm not getting email alerts when I have notifications--certainly because of something I've setup incorrectly.

    The Arnot balance point feels to me like it is a little more than a fist width down from the top of the wrap. I can't confirm or measure right now, unfortunately, because I'm on a plane to Seattle. I will not be back home until later in the week.

    The butt and shaft do roll without wobble, and I do not detect any warp in the shaft during play.

    If you'd like to check it out, we can certainly arrange that with a bill of sale entitling you to return the cue for a refund of the purchase price.


    Hello Pat, it was nice talking to you, this is you track # 9114 9011 5981 5725 4118 46 Thank you for you order...........Juan
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