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    Sight on seen

    I recently purchased a pool cue through a reputable sight , The description of the pool cue was as follows : very light wear on the shaft , the butt is almost flawless condition . Well I received the cue today , and upon laying my eyes on it , I discover 3 dings on the handle , one of the dings...
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    Predator 4 point Sneaky Pete w/ 314-3. Still New!

    I will take it ! Ha … for real though ….
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    Reaching the top of your game

    Personally for my own game .. the discovery and use of the stun shot is by far the one of the best ways for me to control the cb simply because you can do so much with it during a game . I am no expert by far , and don’t play competitively ... but I have stayed at a Holiday inn express ! Ha
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    Does a Firmer Grip Maximize or Diminish Feel and Touch for the Cueball?

    And the answer is........ from my perspective is after my bridge hand is down , I tend find a balance point with my thumb and index finger and in the same motion I cradle the cue on my middle and forth finger and then I get that nice feedback with balance and generate speed with my thumb and...
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    Feather strip ... transition from heavy cloth to speed cloth

    In the process of recovering my old championship cloth to a speed cloth , thought of installing a few fine staples to help secure the feather strip on my rails , Is this a practiced method .... or not recommended ? Thanks for any suggestions
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    Replacing rubber rails ... what adhesive works best ?

    Thanks ! I’ve heard of lepage somewhere in my search , one suggestion is weld wood mfg by dap , then the latest is Barges contact cement that I just watched Doug Jiles use on his YouTube channel Creative restoration. Thanks
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    Replacing rubber rails ... what adhesive works best ?

    Going with Tour edition K66 , I have heard of different types of adhesives , my biggest concern is during the install , if I should need to tweak the rubber or simply put , remove the new rubber , what adhesive would you suggest ?
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    Felt or cloth ?

    Funny ! I just found homonym !
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    Felt or cloth ?

    That’s seems to be the the consensus L.S ... I was on One the billiards website and believe it or not they do list it , or have as Felt , go figure . Well I just ordered tournament blue worsted today , and can’t wait to put it on !
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    Felt or cloth ?

    Clever .. Thanks jimmyco
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    Felt or cloth ?

    Now ! that’s some nice felt ! Ha ! Thanks Man
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    While it’s unwrapped

    Sounds like a beauty ! Wish I had the space for GCI 2 3 4 5 or a 6 .... I think is the latest
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    While it’s unwrapped

    Thanks bradsh98 , I was leaning towards that , thanks for your professional opinion .
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    While it’s unwrapped

    My table is a Goldenwest 8 purchased in 1997, I’m replacing the cloth on it . The cushions seem to play alright , but have some years on them , would you recommend I replace them at this point ? Thanks