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    Allison Fisher called a foul on herself on a hill-hill match!

    Very, very classy Allison! Story here -->
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    Free live stream: Mayweather vs. Canelo Alvarez Post it here if you got something better...
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    Would you consider Biado beating Ralf an upset?

    There's a raging debate in another website about this. I do not consider this an upset, because I usually base my picks on their current form, especially the way Carlo Biado has been tearing up the pool scene this year, and not on past credentials.
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    We're in for a double treat!

    Set your DVR, TiVo, or any recording devices you have for "The Hustler" and "The Color Of Money", back to back on AMC today, 8:15 am (Pacific). I've watched these probably 50 X, and it never gets old!
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    Darren Appleton, your 2012 COC winner!

    Congrats to Darren Appleton! Your back-to-back International Challenge Of Champions winner! How about a US Open 3-peat Dynamite?
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    Pool players getting compensated? That's a first!

    "We realize that there might be material complications for some players who were registered early into the tournament (2012 WPA World Ten Ball Championship) by reason of their world ranking. Our company is prepared to deal with claims according to the law here in the Philippines." From AZ's...
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    Sharking at the World 9-Ball Championship?

    Check out Ted Lerner's tweets: WPA Editor Ted L. ‏@poolwpa Fong Pang Chao, the cold faced murderer, up to his old tricks...Busti just told me that Chao sharked him twice while shooting! WPA Editor Ted L. ‏@poolwpa Busti is pissed...down 8-4. you watch..he'll come back and probably win this...
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    Videos: SMB Oktoberfest 9-Ball Open

    Semifinal 1: Dennis Orcullo vs. Efren Reyes Semifinal 2: Lee Vann Corteza vs. Francisco Bustamante Last 8: Francisco Bustamante vs. Carlo Biado...
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    2011 World Cup of Pool free live streaming!

    I finally found one! 2011 WORLD CUP OF POOL Thursday September 8 Round 1 - race to 8 12:00 noon Local time/12 Midnight Eastern/9 pm Pacific/3 am London Round 1 - Chinese Taipei - 8 Russia - 4 Round 1 - Italy - 8 Hong...
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    (VIDEO) Ralf Souquet's interview after winning the 2011 WPM
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    Efren Wins Villar Cup AGAIN!

    Efren wins Villar Cup! "Bata" Wins Villar Cup Senator Manny Villar hands Efren “Bata” Reyes the championship trophy Efren "Bata" Reyes pulled off a series of magical acts, including a come-from-behind 11-10 squeaker over fellow world titlist Francisco "Django" Bustamante in the finals to...
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    Efren Reyes today: A road warrior (VIDEO)

    Here's Efren giving a kid the wild 9 in a 10 ball game. The set was for 38000 Pesos, or approximately $894. Watch it HERE
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    I wish it was September already...

    World Pool Masters -- Sept. 3-5 There are a total of 16 world-class players contesting one of pool’s longest standing invitational events which carries a first prize of $20,000 from the total prize fund of $66,000. Here's the scheduled matches (Manila time), with the first match at 12...
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    VIDEO: Awesome break!

    Jeffrey De Luna's break! Oh man! I could have made a killing if I had a break like his!
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    Great read! Django Bustamante

    One of a Kind Francisco Bustamante's journey from poverty to pool's pantheon Story by Ted Lerner Bustamante is a national hero in the Philippines. (Photo by Carina Altomonte) The day after Francisco Bustamante won the World 9-ball Championship in Doha, Qatar, in June, he received a text...