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  • Scott!

    Hey! I was going to send you a message yesterday but ended up staying home from work with a nasty sinus infection I must have come down with while in Lincoln City. I took a bunch of NyQuil and just passed out. Anyways, wanted to follow up with you and let you know I had a wonderful time meeting and hanging out with you while down there.

    Hopefully I can make it over to your neck-of-the-woods soon. I mentioned I have a buddy who lives in Rathdrum, but I also have some friends who live in Deer Park, so making a trip over there would be great so I can visit with all of you.

    Anyways, below is my contact info. I would love to chat some more...and quite possibly share with you some of my ideas for my next cue. I know you have a long list of projects currently in the works, but that's quite alright since it will probably be some time before I am able to rack up enough in my cue fund again. LOL!

    Chris Alderman :O)
    Hi Scott,

    Any update on my cue? I sent you a couple of PM but you never responded. Hope all is well!


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