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  • Hi - I saw this post of yours when searching through custom extension threads here. Was wondering who did the work for you? I am looking to have something similar done.


    I had a 7 inch extension made that only weighs 2 ounces and have loved playing with it. It spread the weight of the cue out and just feels more natural than adding a 2 ounce weight bolt.
    Hello Adam,
    Was nice to see you and Sandra yesterday. It has been quite a while. My email is gehawe@aol.com. As I said, you are always wellcome for a visit and some games of pool. I am living close to a town called Winnenden, North-East of Stuttgart.
    About the cue from John Davis - You might be aware of a guy called Martin Bick in LA. I bought my Ed Prewitt from him. His AZ-name is jazznpool and his web page is http://www.superiorcues.com/
    There you can see a lot of blanks.
    Best regards
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