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    Any good books on pool out there???

    I just ordered Jay Helfert's "Pool Wars". Anybody have any suggestions for any other books. I'm not into instructional. I would like to read about the hustlers of old.
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    Who's the best you ever played for the cash???

    Not sure if this thread has been thrown about before. If not, let's do it. Who's the best player you ever gambled with? Mine has to be Corey Deuel. Just back into the game after a 15 year layoff. Got to be a solid B-B+ player before I quit. At the time, I played Corey, who was around 14...
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    Questions about Purchasing a Gold Crown III

    Hello all, Hoping that I can get some feedback. Am in the market for a used 9' table. Checked out a Gold Crown III today that seems to be in pretty good condition. The only noticeable flaw was that one of the rails between the side and corner pockets made a thud. This seems to be due to the...
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    Need Help - Hope to buy a Brunswick Gold Crown

    Hello All, Just looked at a gold crown III and have a tentative deal to purchase for $1600. The table is in a private residence and at one point was used in a pool room. I hit some balls around and on the surface the table seems fine. I did notice one area of concern. The top panel or piece...
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    Who won yesterday's Mezz Stop

    Anybody know who won yesterday's Mezz Tour Stop @ MainLine Billiards?
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    Whatever Happened to Michael Coltrain?

    Hello all, just getting back into the game after a long layoff. Whatever happened to Michael Coltrain?