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    Bugatti pool table?

    You can open a full pool hall for that much LOL
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    Whose body am I in?

    Even if you can only play once a week, try to get on the table more than just during your match. A lot of times players hang around to shoot. Try to get some cheap $10 or $20 races to 5 or 7 going with someone after league is done, or hop on another table if the team does not need you for...
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    What was the first time you realized you’re a strong player?

    There is a line someone uses on here "To the bangers I'm a pro, to the pros I'm a banger". That's about how I feel.
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    Whose body am I in?

    You play in this league one a week right? You need more time to play with the new things you are trying there, one match a week is not going to get you to feel comfortable in front of people.
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    Who wants to help with random gift?

    Speaking of being arrogant and assuming LOL At most 2 times. And only after I spend my money buying things for those that don't need them. I think you took this waaayyy in the wrong direction. I now have a break cue shaft from someone that I offered to bring to my friend who is a cuemaker to...
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    What do you guys do when you get carded?

    I just bring my kids with me, 3 out of 4 are old enough to drink. If I get asked for my ID I just point to one of them.
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    Pool Table Care

    Well that's too bad she said that, what does your new girlfriend think about the table in the living room?
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    Sharp points???

    Do you mean this is to hide gaps between the veneers/points if the epoxy is the same color, so it's harder to see?
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    Who wants to help with random gift?

    Embarrass? Did I miss something somewhere? I've had a bunch of people get together for helping out others on here, although it's been a while, collecting items for junior pool leagues and even money donations. 20 people tossing in a $10 or a $20 is much easier than one person covering it all...
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    can use break app, etc. to determine draw stroke speed?

    While I can see knowing the break speed for training, not sure how knowing the speed the cueball is traveling would work for any other shots. I mean you either get to where you need to be, or you don't, the speed of the ball does not matter. You either have the stroke to go full table, or you...
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    Let's don't all forget about the kids of BEF

    They also seemed to have opened it up for open entries, so no need to qualify in a state championship or get an invitation. Makes sense for how things are now.
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    To glove or not to glove

    Try it, see how you like it. No one else can decide for you in any case of personal preference. Only time I use a glove is when the place is humid and sticky where a clean shaft or not things stick. But many others use one all the time, my son hates playing without a glove.
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    Who wants to help with random gift?

    Thanks for anyone that offered to chip in, but after taking to him for a bit, no need for a gift, he has plenty of money to get whatever he wants, he offered $1,200 for one of the cues I had. And last night he showed me a new break cue he bought so I canceled the order on one I got him LOL
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    Old match

    Those old matches did not have fussing over the rack, but compare how many times the 9 ball shot to the corner during the breaks then vs now.
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    Who wants to help with random gift?

    That is a good idea but my thinking was that the guy was using this Mali for a long time and I did not want to meet him and a week later go "so here is this other brand of cue you should use" LOL Although once I chat with him for a bit to get a feel for his playing more he may be open to...