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    Original Fellini / It's George keys

    Three keys for $20 shipped.
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    Used taper machine for sale

    Thinking of moving up from your old machine?
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    Genuine Ostrich hide 2x4 softsided cue case fs/-ft

    Genuine Ostrich hide 4x8 softsided cue case fs/-ft S o l d
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    Johnny Grasso AKA "the Mailman"

    East coast player/hustler that wore a mailman's uniform much of the time. Not sure if he was really an employee of the USPS. Time-frame would be late 60's to early 70's. Any info would be appreciated. I have his Paradise sneaky pete and would like to know more about this character.
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    14m.m. Core drills

    14 m.m. x 20" core drill with 1" shank. Carbide tipped drill in a smaller size for coring forearms. Comes with 3/8" air hose barb installed and ready to core. $99 plus $12 shipping in CONUS.
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    Looking for matching shaft rings

    Need 2 Ebony , LBM , or phenolic rings with 8 Ivory .125 slots, .125 thick. Thanks in advance. HEH
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    Core drills ready to go

    New 20" oal, 16"+ core length, 20 mm (.7780) diameter, 1" or .750 shank (see photo), with 3/8 hose barb installed. Brand new, never used. I have 10 or more of these available at $99 each plus $12 USPS Priority Mail Insured in CONUS.
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    ProBellers, Peacocks , and Saturns

    Somebody's CASH cue is getting close. Hope you like my design combining propellers with barbells. The Saturns were inspired from a Case Canoe knife shield. PS. There are more CASH cues getting close, just had time to snap a pic of this one.
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    Concave live centers

    .375 shank. Three available @ $25 each.
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    RE-CUT Fixture

    $45 + $4.95 USPS small flat rate Priority mail shipping.
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    RE-CUT Fixture

    $45 + $4.95 USPS small flat rate Priority mail shipping.
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    Seasoned BEM into Ebony John Davis blank.

    Super figured BEM into Gabon Ebony John Davis blank. This blank has seasoned for the past 4 years in Tony Clifton's shop and is ready to become a special cue. The blank is fat and straight, no pass has been made on this blank since it left John's shop. The veneers are black, orange, green and...
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    Ca$h ferrule-less shaft

    $ o l d