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    Thanks to all me and my full splice ass our out

    Thanks to all .... it’s been fun... Thanks to u all.. I had 20 years building cues. Amazing had so much fun along the way building cue building Machinery and amazing cues... I walked into my shop every single day and looked up and said God thank you. I put my heart and everything I did . Life...
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    20 year complete cue shop for sale

    This is being sold as a whole shop. Must pick up in lower Wi .. worth of 60k selling for 27,000 cash firm.. 40’ Clausing lathe 2 40’ logan lathes 36’ Atlas roughing lathe with router 24’ Atlas lathe All lathes include high performance lathe chucks and quick change tool posts Will all taps...
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    Hills Cues Back in Action

    Hello everyone I am the marketing and sales rep for Hills Cues. Darrin has been out of commission for quite some time, but now is back working round the clock putting out his great cues once again. If anyone has any questions or wants to put in an order please feel free to call me at...
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    The 360 Double full splice ''just completed''

    Well here it is everyone the 360.. I completed my toughest cue to date. all points butterflys are even and tight. It's all made from Brazilian rosewood. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
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    HILLS CUES... 4 point ebony/cocobolo/leather wrap

    What's up fellow AZr's? Been sometime since I've posted out here. Been backed up in the shop on customs orders, plus I'm helping out at the local machine shop building parts for MX bikes and street bikes. Keeping myself busy and really enjoying the bachelor life. Actually just moved all the...
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    Hills Cues Butterfly Full-Splice cue

    BEM and tigerwood with 6 veneers. vary stiff but well balanced players cue. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
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    Awesome players cue Cocobolo new Hills

    I got a awesome cocobolo Zebra wood cue up for sale.
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    AAA crazy Amboyna Burl cue

    This is the last of my AAA crazy Amboyna Burl. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
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    11 veneer Full Splice cue

    Yes 11 veneers , it was a custom order cue.. I will post some build pics also.. Colors are from out to in. thin blk,red,yellow,brown,thin blk,a special white material and back out the same..cue has a Brazilian rosewood forearm ebony points BEM handle , with matching ring-work.. [/IMG] [/IMG]...
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    Ned morris custom cue!!! Loaded with ivory!!!

    Take a look. Check the link below. One of a kind Ned Morris custom cue. Loaded with ivory. 144 total inlays. I have this listed on EBAY. Extremely low reserve. Here is a chance to buy an amazing custom cue at the fraction of the price...
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    Awesome older hills on ebay!!!!

    This is my best friends cue up for sale... I just refinished it , vary nice cue for the money... The Link:
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    hillscues Full Splice Rosewood & Zircote

    Darrin Hill Full Splice Cue Description: Full Splice Cue Curly Maple Forearm Zircote Pronge Points Butterfly Spliced into Honduras Rosewood Zircote Butt Sleeve 5 Veneer Combo 8 Double Stitched Fancy Rings Black Juma Joint and White Juma Butt Butt Cap 2 Shafts 12.75 mm / 3/4 Juma...
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    Hillscues monster Tulip & Ebony-w-Abalone shell

    Darrin Hill 4 Point Half Splice Cue Description: Half Splice Cue Brazilian Tulip Forearm Ebony Points Ebony Cored Handle with 4 compound inlays - total of 20 Brazilian Tulip Butt Sleeve 7 Veneer Combo Inlay Fancy Rings with Silver and Abolone Shell - Total 16 inlays Black Joint and...
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    Hillscue Full Splice Bocote awesome veneer combo

    Darrin Hill Full Splice Cue Description: Full Splice Cue Ebony Forearm Bocote Pronge Points Butterfly Spliced into Birdseye Maple Heartwood Bocote Butt Sleeve 9 Veneer Combo 8 Double Stitched Fancy Rings with Mahogany Phonlic Base Mahogany Phonlic Joint and Mahogany Phonlic Butt Butt...
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    Tulip Full splice at its finest -w- leather

    Darrin Hill Full Splice Cue Description: Full Splice Cue Ebony Forearm Braziian Tulip wood Pronge Points Butterfly Spliced into Brazilan Tulipwood with Bison Leather Wrap Ebony Butt Sleeve 4 Veneer Combo 4 Ivory Compound inlay - 12 inlays total 8 Double Stitched Fancy Rings Black Juma...