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    Has anyone tried the new

    Hybrid chalk. From Jp? Thanks in advance for your postings. By
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    Jerry Franklin Southwest

    Butt weighs 15.5 Shafts 3.5 oz. ..12.45mm,12mm $2900. Sold.
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    Jerry Franklin Sw

    Butt 15.5, both shafts. 3.5. Orange ,blk, maple ,venners. Straight together and apart.maple front,original wrap cleaned,polished.2900$ shafts are12.45, in couple days,serious buyers.I will be busy with eco cardio gram.thanks mark. Sold
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    how do you carry you cues on a motorcycle ?

    are there any products out there? like carrying your rifle on a horse,or 4 wheeler. seriously mark
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    cleaning table cloth?

    I need to know if there is a trick to cleaning table cloth once it gets soiled! We try to get people to eat away from the tables.I have brushed and used damp cloth and vac. Thanks mark
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    Whats up with pred. ( p-2 cues from china)

    I goofed and posted in the streaming area by mistake. basically I came across P2 Pred cue stamped, 314-2 shaft- but it's not laminated in any way. as anyone else seen this?? doesn't seem right unless there are knock offs mark
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    look again at a P2 ! !

    A guy comes into the pool hall with a pred. P2 , the shaft says pred. 314-2 with the pred. cat logo. The shaft has no ( 10- piece splices- 8 ,12. none it has a regular 1 piece shaft. This cue came from china very recently Price paid 100. It had a uni lock, as well. was a bit...
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    Shane wins in MN.

    Demi gets second. The rating system seems wrong here in mn. Shane had to give up only 1 game against our masters players. Great tournment though run at Cr billiards- Jerry Johnson runs killer tournments, keeping Tournment pool alive in MN. thanks Mr Johnson!! mark
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    Whats New at Kanaka Creek Cues

    They have been making diamondwood shafts!!! Customers have wanted smaller diameter shafts that give the accuracy of a snooker cue . Give them a look !! another new item from Doc's has underwaterwood shafts being turned down as we speak. Taking orders now!! 220. for a...
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    what A joint ???? options

    I have over 50 Fronts and handles to assemble. All straight grained maple(handles) .All turned to 50ths over, the wood was cut t by Ron Lampert (a gunsmith from the best quality woods available!!!!! What I need help with is they were cut for ( ?? for a metal A joint- twice the size off...
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    FYI__ U.P. Pool Hall 2.50 hr or 25. amonth

    I was out in Mich. this past wk- the weather , and the area is 1 of the 10 best in the world in my Op. In Calumet Mich. there is now a neat little New Pool Hall . called Up Pool Hall 217 sixth Street Calumet Mich. please stop in there is copper mining...
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    Cue cases for sale- Proceeds to go for Death Costs

    I had my best friend die- and his brother is stuck with the creamation bill and costs. 4,800. I just want to thank anyone in advance for any help. mark I think it is a Jack justice 2-4, a stroke master 2-4 tooled too and the little case is a 2-2. These cases have never let the...
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    How are the cue case Prices-1 Flowers-4 others all leather

    Just a feeler for the sale of 4-5 cases _ 4 instroke, very nice ,a mint Paul Hubler box case and a Jay Flowers ( . thats unbelievable all the cases came from a gunsmith/Cuemaker. I'll postosome pictures if there is interest. they came from a closet and can stay in my closet- there all...
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    Any interest- this wkend your lucky days

    Runde r-6 ,leather George 2-4, Mottey signed ,Mint) - (Schon , (phillippi extended length - 43 inlays. I have others - pm me . serious buyers only please. mark
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    Remember the bk in 71 by the miz ??

    best bk for players every written!! local bk stores can order!! mark Thanks to steve for al his kindness and help through the yrs. I did have a 5 couse meal with steve and another, I was allowed to use his 3 Richard Black cues, then too. He recommended a Mottey cue. Allen...