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    How much for Tony to refinish a B/B cue ?

    So I hear Tony is getting 700 for a ferruled shaft and 1000 for a ferrule less shaft. Are these prices correct, anyone substanciate these prices. Reason asking am curious what a refinish and one shaft might cost. Am guessing 500 for a refinish and 700 for a ferruled shaft. That would be about...
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    How much snow Virginia

    We dont get big snows and thats a good thing because we have almost no snow removal equipment. So what part of Va. are you and did you get snow. I will start it with Chesapeake, Va. and we got 6 inches out here in rural chesapeake. How bout our girl in D.C., Im sure she got hit.
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    Which cues not listed as much for sale.

    People say who hits the best. Who does the best refinish. Who has the top production cue. What do the pros shoot with, blah blah. So which cues do we not see for sale very much here on AZ or even flea bay for that matter. Obviously Gus or Boti due to the few in existence. Of the newer cues of...
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    Who are couple of better cuemakers wood to wood joints ?

    Leaving out Tasc, Boti, R. Black, Black Boar and the other steel jointed cuemakers. So who do you like wood flat faced. I started with Schon, moved to Black and Black Boar, but much prefer the hit of wood-wood. To me more feeling and not so stiff. I know Gilbert, Scruggs and Pierce hit real...
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    Reloading supplies

    Best friend passed away and trying to help widow. Extensive collection od reloading supplies and factory store bought ammo. Pistol, rifle and shotgun. Powders, primers, bullets and cases. Several presses and many dies. Powders are Hornady, Herco, Blue Dot, Bullseye, Dupont, Hercules, and...
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    Opinions, delete sold items ???

    Looks like everyone and their brother are selling many items in the for sale section here on AZ-land.Looks like everone and their brother complain about ads just placed pushed back to page 8 in the first 24 hours. How about make it mandatory you must pull your ad within 24 hours of it being...
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    How much per hour for table time

    Just curious what different regions are charging per hour for table time. I started out at 90 cents per hour back around 1975. Here in Virginia current time is about 6 bucks per hour. Sometimes I have read where owners only charge 20 bucks a week to shoot and other times free pool up to 6pm...
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    reduce cues weight by changing joint ?

    Tried looking for ivory joint. and changing a cues weight, could not find the thread. Have a custom weighing 20.5 with a ss piloted joint. Balanced nice but heavy. If changing joint to ivory, can I reduce weight by as much as .75 to one ounze ? Own one ivory jointed cue now so wont be any...
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    show your beat up player

    Everyone wants to see Szams, B.Boars, Tascs, and so forth. Instead lets see some older, carried them everywhere, slightly beat up, but good hitting cues that youre not afraid to enter a match with.
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    has Schon cues won more tournaments than any other brand ?

    I cant think of any other make cue that would have come half way close. No way to prove or dis-prove. Lets hear your thoughts on this subject
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    Top 100 U.S. Open

    Did any woman player break the top 100 in finishing order ? Who was top finishing woman player and where did she place.
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    beginner needs help

    could 1 or 2 cuemakers post pics of what a nice square of shaft wood looks like. Obviously I play pool and even more obvious I will never make a cue. We hear the term no grain runout. So many gpi. I know what mineral spots look like but curious what a nice square of wood looks like. Maybe show...
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    cuemakers which tip personal cue

    Like the title says. Which tip do you prefer on your personal playing pool cue ? I started with Moori mediums many (12) years ago. Presently use Wizard mediums. Understand milk duds are good. Would like to see the cuemakers preference. This could be an interesting thread if enough cuemakers...
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    cuemakers rock

    Just wanted to thank all you cms for posting on this forum. I really enjoy listening and reading up on your various techniques of cue building and related issues. From design features to finishing, a person could really benefit by reading your different responses. I find this section to be very...
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    Olivier cues

    Who likes em. Shot with Schon for years. Last couple yrs changed to wood to wood joint. Own 2 Oliviers, 5 pointer and merry widow. Both have a hit that is consistent in feel each night out. For me easy to get used to and a solid hit. Curious to hear from others as to opinons both pro and con...