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    New Website for the Vegas Pool Player Traveler

    Hey guys, Working on a little project and thought maybe I could solicit some feedback from the AZ crowd. I'm working on a website for pool players that travel to Vegas. Talked to Jerry and he said it was ok to post this. Anyway I'm trying to create a website for maybe the league player or...
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    What's best way to learn to jump? I just bought a jump cue; never really jumped before just kicked. I'm trying it but not really getting in. Any vids or tools that will help me figure it out? thanks !
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    What size table to buy?

    I currently have an 8 foot table at home; its old needs replaced. Can't fit a 9 footer. I got to thinking today about what I should buy to replace it. I kind of would like to buy a diamond but would have to wait financially to do that. Then I thought; hell I play 98% of my games in league on...
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    Shaft comparison/Jacoby/Mezz/Predator

    Recently been shooting with a schon butt and Jacoby Hybrid Edge shaft. Very nice hit. I also have a mezz but only with a 700 shaft. Can anyone give a comparison on how the Jacoby hits vs the Mezz ld shafts and/or even the new predator shafts (i.e. z3)? thanks much !
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    watching a one pocket match

    How do people like to watch a one pocket match for money? X ahead games or so many out of so many?I find it hard to watch one pocket for long periods. I can play it but just watching it on a stream to me is very boring.. I prefer short races: i.e race to 5 or something. The longer races to 8...
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    Mike Sigel League

    Just curious, does anyone play in the new Mike Sigel league that he was starting? No one around here wanted to do it but I was wondering if it was catching on anywhere else in U.S. I remember a media blitz on it and how he had secured funding etc etc but seems I haven't heard anything for...
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    July Drawing?

    Wondering if there is a drawing this month for the Gold members? Don't recall seeing anything but I could have missed it. Thanks
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    This is the year !

    Spurs took it down with being a team.. stars yes but everybody had their place. Mosconi cup? I'm going with the americans if they'll can understand the team thing !
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    Single Layered Tip vs Multi Layered

    Question.... I just recently picked up a pretty cheap cue and it has some sort of single layered tip on it. I was amazed on how much english I could apply when I wanted to the cue ball. Seems like it has more feeling also... I've always played with multi layered tips so I'm thinking about...
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    Lambros LD vs Regular

    For all you Lambros owners which shaft to do you prefer and why? I've never shot with a non LD Lambros shaft so I was curious. Thanks much !
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    WTB: Lambros Maple Shaft non LD

    Want to try a lambros maple shaft. I presently have two LDs but wanted to give the regular one a try. Ultimate joint. I don't care what kind of rings are on it or not. Used is fine just so its straight. Thanks !
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    Revelations in your Game/Mark Wilsons Book

    So I was reading Mark Wilson's new book and another AZ member also told me that just changing his stance like Mark said in the book helped him immensely so i tried it and it worked a little for me too. So I figured I better go through this book a little at a time and really absorb everything I...
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    Garage Pics please

    All, I'm in the process of converting my garage into the mancave. Its a finished two car garage and already have my 8ft table in there but I'm getting stuck on trying to figure out what to do next. Would appreciate any pics from people that have converted their garage into a pool room. I do...
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    The Color of Money Match-Efren vs Earl

    Wow, if you have been living under a rock like I have evidently have, you owe it to yourself to watch some of this on youtube. 1996 Earl vs Efren run to 120 in Hong Kong. Its in 15 parts. Just search the color of money match. I watched parts 11-15 last night since I was trying to be a good...
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    I watch a lot of streaming stuff and seem to also watch some kind of pool videos on youtube etc. I used to run a long hdmi cable from my laptop to my tv but finally broke down and bought a chromcast. Now I hit a button and it appears on my tv. Also allows me to continue on the computer in new...