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    Advice on Cue Tips

    Recently, I have been using Ultraskin mediums and like them a lot. They seem to be holding up real well and only cost 3-4 bucks.
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    Table Difficulty Factor (TDF) for measuring table "toughness"

    IbeAnEngineer - 9', 4.5", 1.0", 1.5" - 1.05 (GC 1)
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    Bludworth Dufferin = Confused

    I have seen one in the past.
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    Tip - what Flavor is everybody using these days

    Ultraskin Black in medium.
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    Thanks for sharing the interview.
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    Funny Comment from a teammate on my cue.

    A teammate cracked me up Thursday night after league. This teammate plays with a light cue, <19 oz with a thin carbon fiber shaft, and to my knowledge has always used low deflection shafts. He picks up my cue (1980's Schon R-1 20oz with standard 13mm) and hits a few balls. After a few shots...
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    Let's talk chalk

    Blue Masters. Been using it for 35 + years and I am still happy with it.
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    We have a few of each in the family, (3) JB and (2) Acme so I will give you what I feel is a fair comparison. First, the ACME is more affordable than the JB Rugged by around 50%. In my opinion, the JB is the better constructed of the two. It feels heavier and more solid, as it should be, as...
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    Stolen cues alert! Lafayette LA last Monday night.

    Scott, you may want to contact the operators of any local pool leagues and let them know that your cues had been stolen, and you have a reward out. APA has leagues in Baton Rouge and Lake Charles. Lafayette is right in between those two. There are BCA leagues in Lafayette, Baton Rouge and Lake...
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    How Does an APA 7 Go Down to a 6?

    Best of luck on getting your handicap dropped. Years ago, when I was still playing APA. I had a team mate who almost got killed in a motorcycle accident (Actually he did die a couple of times on the way to the hospital and once in the OR and they were able to bring him back). In any case, he...
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    Southwest Cue Wait

    I got on South West's waiting list in April 2003, They started my cue in Feb 2014, It was delivered in Jan 2015. I absolutely love the way it plays and will never sell it.
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    Laurie Franklin (Southwest Cues) just called....

    I play with mine and have been extremely satisfied with it. Took delivery of it 5 years ago. Enjoy your cue!
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    Flying with your cue

    When I travel with a cue. I use a baseball/softball equipment roller bag as my luggage. It has a hard bottom that protects the cue and compartment that is intended for bats to fit in which is just the right size for a hard case to fit in. The top section has enough room for several days...
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    Refinish or not?

    I had a C11 refinished by McDermott several years ago. They did very good work. Replaced the butt cap, refinished and rewrapped the cue along with another shaft.
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    any1 who owns a jacoby can do this measurement for me

    My wife's Jacoby, which was made by David Jacoby in 2003, has a diameter of 1.09"